Your first ride... and what happen to it.

If this been done , before anyone jumps I did search and searched but didn’t find anything close.

So what was everyones first ride/car/truck ?
And do you still have it or what happen to it?
Ain’t got your first one yet? Then what you wanting to get?

My first car my folks gave me for my 17th b-day. It was a '71 Plymouth Fury III, former New York State police car. Had the 440 Mag HO motor and full police package :cool:

Didn’t take long for me to feel the need to test the speedo… yep went all the way to 140 mph, only took me less than nine months to loose my license for getting too many tickets. :eek:

Once I got my license back I bought a '74 Plymouth Road Runner with a blown 383 motor, took the 440 out of the cop car and put it into the Road Runner, scrapped the rest of the Fury.

“I don’t speed, just fly low.” :cool:

We had a few old cars that I worked on when I was a kid, but the one that I consider really mine was the 59 chevy pickup which we got when I was 15 (1977), rebuilt the six and got it running a couple months after turning 16, then while I was still in high school I bought a 396 at the junkyard, rebuilt it, and swapped it in. Still have the truck, still have the engine, although I wrecked it a few years ago and I’m not done putting it all back together again.

I think there are pictures on my web page (yes, the typewriter museum)

(ps I watched Airport recently…now I remember where I heard that name…)

My first car was an 84’ Toyota Celica GT (the first year they used EFI). The people I bought it from had never oiled it and the timing chain had rubbed a hole right through the water-pump, allowing oil and water to mix…

I bought the car when I was 14 and spent two years rebuilding the engine (I was kinda lazy). I still have the car today, but I’m looking to sell it.

Anyone from Nor-Cal interested in a used Toyota, stick, with a rebuilt engine and 18000 miles, for $1200? :smiley: I’m serious by the way… PM me if your interested.

It’s a real speed-demon… Pegs out at 80 mph lol

My first car was, quite literally, my grandfather’s Oldsmobile. It was a 1988 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency Brougham sedan. I found the window sticker in the trunk (and just now pulled it out of my drawer), and its sticker price as it left Wentzville, MO for Osborne Oldsmobile-GMC was $21,268. We bought it for about $2,000 from my grandparents, who by the time I was of driving age were just not fit to drive. Over the time they owned it, they were of the Sunday driving persuasion, so the car was only in the mid-30s on mileage.

I enjoyed driving it; it was in great shape, droopy headliner aside, and one of the last GM vehicles I really liked for a long, long time. (My employment aside, the current crop of product is starting to change my opinion.) Plenty of oomph for my size, plushy ride and interior (despite having the FE2 “Firm Ride & Handling Package”, a $30 option), and room for six if two of them were skinny. It was a big ol’ American sedan, pure and simple. (Heck, I even parallel parked the thing on my first try at the driver’s test, back in May of 2002.)

Not long after I got my license, I was driving home from an academic team meeting when the car stopped. This being an Oldsmobile of that era, all I had was a speedometer, a Check Engine light, and a feeling of dread. We looked it over and found out there wasn’t any coolant. We added some, drove it, and found it gone again. Turns out it was a thermostat issue, which was about $600 to fix at the dealer–but we paid it. After getting the car back from the dealer (a different one, I’ll note, from the one that signs my paycheck), the AC wouldn’t work. This was South Carolina in July, so the absence of cold air was intolerable. They “banged on it with a wrench” and said it might not last. We turned down the offer to replace the compressor (for $100-something) and drove away. Not a bad call; the AC worked fine for the rest of the time I drove the car.

It was around the first of September that I was driving home from my job at the time, bagging groceries at the Irmo Piggly Wiggly, and noticed flashing blue lights from behind. Conventional wisdom among students at Irmo High School was that if you crossed Irmo PD, you were toast. I knew I wasn’t speeding–the map light was on in the absence of instrument panel illumination–but I was still scared out of my mind. Turns out that my tail light was out. Now, the Ninety-Eights of that era had one light for everything. If I applied the brake, it’d light up. If I hit my left turn signal, it’d light up. If I turned on my hazard lights, it’d light up–but tail lights were a no-go. I was given a warning to fix it in ten days.

We looked at it, the auto class at Irmo looked at it, and finally Mom (who was having her own car troubles after a knucklehead student hit her car in the school parking lot) offered to take it in to a place to look at it. It was September 12, 2002, and she picked me up from school. In the driveway was a 1999 Honda Civic with everything of mine from the Oldsmobile migrated over. I wound up driving that car for the rest of high school before passing it to my brother and taking on the Honda CR-V you’ve seen me traverse the country in.

We sold the Oldsmobile for about what we had in it to an older couple; I’m not sure what happened to it after that. I do miss it, mostly for sentimental reasons, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

My parents gave me a 73 Ford station wagon, did a lot of stupid and illegal things in that. The first car I bought with my own money was a 75 Mustang. No idea what happened to either car.

(PS George Kennedy’s character was Joe Patroni.)

My first car was my dads leftover 69 Toyota Corona. (My mom drove the Plymouth Fury with the white vinyl top) It was many shades of blue and rust (I grew up next to the ocean) We were afraid to wash it thinking the dirt was what held it together. In my high school years we played a game called green ball which was basically tag with cars. We always took my car since it didn’t matter if we wrecked it. I finally refused to drive it somewhere in my 2nd year of college when I hit my brakes and still sailed through a red light. I think my dad managed to trade it to someone who could actually tinker with it and fix it.

1989 Mitsubishi mirage Manual, got it from an old relitive and spent days getting all the dirt/rubbish out of it along with ALOT of golf T’s?? Still have it as im just learning atm.

'88 Hyundai Excel.
Cost: 800 bucks.
My first 6 months of insurance: 800 bucks.
Kinda lame if you ask me.
But I can say that I’ve paid my own insurance & bought all my own cars from day one myself.
Try asking a lot of HS kids these days that question, & I doubt you’ll find any who bought & insured their first car (or all of them) without any assistance.
Anywho… I’m not bitter about that one… no… not at all. :rolleyes:

Moving on, there really isn’t much to say about it when I had it. It was ok. The coolest thing on it was the Euro style hood that had the hinge in the front of the car over the bumper.
It looked kinda cool-ish on those rare occasions I had to open it.

I blew that car up though. :eek:

Shot one of the spark plugs into the piston, which led to oil backfeeding through the air cleaner (don’t ask me how) & as I drove into a gas station to find out what that funny smell was (re: burning plastic) I popped the hood & it was on fire. HA! Oops. Good thing it was winter, so I grabbed a handful of snow & threw it on the fire & put it out.
(And, yes, I know water is bad for an oil fire, but it put the darn thing out because it was a huge amount of snow! HA! Oh wells.)

Anyways, I drove it home on 3 cylinders, parked it, tried to sell it unsuccessfully, agreed to let it go to the junkyard, then drove my dad’s '78 or '79 Chevy pickup truck for about 6 months to get around, & finally bought my 2nd car, my awesome-ish Dodge Neon. Search here, & you’ll find pics of that.

I bought my first car when I was 15 in June 1992. It was a blue 1982 Dodge Omni that I bought myself ($900) after finding it in the paper. I looked at several cars including ones I wanted more like a Regal but settled for the Dodge as the body was in great shape but needed some mechanical work, although it did run and move under it’s own power. I planned to fix it by the time I got my license.

Most of it was the maintance needed to be brought up to date, many of the parts were original and showing wear. The hoses, belts, plug wires, ect. The car only had 51k on it.

I kept the car on the road until Aug 1995 (right after I graduated HS) and finally sold it in Oct 95 for $325. It had 72k on it by then, about 7k a year I had put on it.

The car just never was dependable and was constantly costing me money. I thought I could get it’s issues fixed but I kept finding more wrong with it. I didn’t know much about cars back then and overlooked somethings and didn’t check others.

Some of the bigger things I found out later is the gas tank was rusted on the inside. Apparently the PO never filled the tank above 1/4 so it would get condesation in it. They were too cheap to replace the air filter so the air filter box was stuffed with Chore Boys as a makeshift air cleaner element! The Chore Boys had gotten crap into the carb.

Someone had added air conditioning to the car. The car was a base model to begin with with no power steering, brakes, windows…anything. They did a nice job mechanically but wiring they made a mess and cut into the main harness. The AC never worked when I had the car but then other electrical problems started to show up. As the wiring was being looked at we found out how badly spliced it was, and the wires even changed colors though out the harness. Around this time the transaxle started to leak and the clutch was slipping from the fluid. The car would need the transaxle repaired, new clutch since it was contaminated but this still would leave the electrical problems. So I decided to get rid of it.

I had it for sale from Aug until Oct when it finally sold. I sold it to an older man from the next town over and my father drove it to his house for him. I have no idea whatever became of it. He did say he was giving it to his daughter who lived in a bad area with on street parking only. Her cars kept getting trashed and would look for cheap cars to buy.

I don’t really miss the car but I have wondered several times what happened to it and how long after I sold it was it still on the road. With all the problems that kept creeping up with it I learned alot about cars because of it. It wasn’t a complete loss owning it.:stuck_out_tongue:

I drove a vehicle that is the epitome of style and “pimpness” as they say - the good old, sea-green Gabrielov family Dodge Minivan (1997?). This is a very, very special car. First of all, the backseat doors only occasionally worked (the rest of the time they locked up regardless of whether not the car was locked up).

What happened to it?

I was driving along a residential street in my neighborhood at a fairly demure 20 mph or so. We had car problems in the past but nothing particularly extreme. Suddenly, I couldn’t turn the wheel easily and the car seemed to be floating very strangely. Looking in my rearview mirror, I saw my transmission. On the road. In pieces. The thing fell off of the car apparently! I fortunately was able to swerve off of the road rather than incoming traffic. It would have been more expensive to fix the transmission and maintain it then to just get a new car…so off it went to be sold.

My first car is a tan Chevy Cavalier, made in the great Y2K era (1999). I got it when I was 14 as my parents get a great discount (almost 20%) if they own the car at least a year before I start to drive. I love this thing, I don’t think I will ever sell it. I hope to keep it up and make it my classic car when I grow up. :smiley: So far, it only has about 68,000 miles on it which is really good. The main problem I have with it is that it is a winter car when it comes to start up. In the winter, I can start it with no problem, but in the summer, or anytime it’s above 40 degrees, I have the hardest time starting it. It just starts really rich. I will admit, I too have tested the spedo on this four banger, got it to about 110, then I let off for a stop sign.

My first car was a 1974 Pontiac Ventura. Bought it in 1976 (Bi-Centennial year). It was red with an all white vinyl interior. Don’t ever get white as it is a bear to keep clean. It had a 350 ci V8 engine but was a dog. Top speed 115. Took a long time to get there too. It was based on a Nova style body.
I got my first speeding ticket on July 4th 1976. I was going back to Keesler Air Force base where I was stationed. Cop was at the bottom of a long hill and I didn’t adjust my speed for the hill :frowning:
I have no idea what ever became of it. I got an assignment to Turkey and my parents wouldn’t take care of it while I was away :frowning: :frowning:
I’ve owned four cars since.

  1. 1974 Pontiac Ventura
  2. 1982 Dodge O/24 Miser (sold with 102,000 miles)
  3. 1987 Plymouth Voyager (sold with 217,000 miles)
  4. 2004 Pontiac Vibe

I’ll answer for Jack K. and me:

My first car was a 1968 Ford Falcon, green with a black vinyl roof, which my parents gave me in 1974 so I could attend community college. Not very stylish, but she was MINE! I replaced her with a brand-new 1976 Pinto, brown with orange pinstriping. She was pretty for the time.

Jack’s first car was a 1964 Mustang convertible, blue, black interior, black top. 6-Cyl. It never saw the road while he owned it. Then he bought the body for a ’65 Mustang Fastback, and tried to transfer over parts from a ’63, ran out of money, never finished, sold it. Ten years later he found it completely restored and kicked himself for never finishing it. Then he got a ’68 Ford Custom 428 Super Cobra Jet, police package. Speedomoter did 160, all of it.

’72 Cougar XR7, 351 Cleveland
’76 Mustang Ghia, 302, cream colored (sweet car) – Sold it, and on our wedding day we passed it on the way to the reception – crashed in a car accident!

Other vehicles we’ve owned since getting married:

’78 Mustang II, silver with red interior
’74 Full Size Ranger XLT pickup with a 360 truck motor
’79 Pinto wagon, maroon (Jack had to install a smaller steering wheel so he could get his knee between the door and the wheel in order to work the clutch!)
’82 Mercury Capri
’81 Yamaha 850 Special motorcycle – sold it to buy a new heating system for the house.
’80 Ford Fairmont Station wagon (kids started arriving)
’88 Plymouth Grand Voyager Mini van
’96 GMC Geneva Conversion Van
’78 F250 Extended Cab pickup, green
’97 Itasca Suncruiser motorhome (still using it)
’95 Ford E350 cargo van
’91 Ford Explorer
’93 Ford F250 pickup
’88 Cougar – we bought it for Jon but I totaled it one day when an elderly woman cut in front of me. He thought it was ugly anyway.
1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, red, one of my all-time favorite cars. Drove her with over 180+K miles until someone ran a red light and broadsided me a few months ago. They had to cut her apart to get me out, and she was “totaled”. Very sad.
2005 Kia Sorrento, has lots of airbags!

My first car, and still the car I currenly drive, is a black '95 Toyota Corolla.

It looks like a peice of junk with all of its scratches, dings, and spots of worn off paint, so we got it roughly $3k at a dealer. My parents were worried about the high school parking lot, so they purchased a car that came with scratches and dents.

It gets pretty good gas mileage. About 28 mpg normally, and 32 mpg on the highway.

There are a couple of little things that bug me about it, though… the rear passenger door is eternally locked, the powerlock wont open it and manually unlocking it wont open it. The rear speakers don’t work at all. The rear view mirror is a little sticky to move around. The trunk lever doesn’t work.

But other than, it’s help up pretty well. It accelerates as fast as I need it to, although a little bit more horsepower would be nice so it doesn’t take 5-10 seconds to go from 60 to 65. It shifts really well. You can feel it, but it’s not that harsh (not like my friend’s Honda Accord), the brake pedal is nice and easy to push down and the steering wheel is really easy to spin.

So, I’ll continue driving it when I come from school and everything until its days are done, but it’s a Toyota, so I don’t anticipate that happening too soon.

My first car was so old we weren’t sure of its age. Different parts would list different years and all previous owners titled it in different years. If I were to ease on and off the gas then it would look like the car had hydraulics. I actually got pretty good at that and was able to do it to music. It died and I had to pay to have someone haul it away. It was definately ghetto.

The car my family owned when I got my license was a '57 Chevy, 4 door with a straight six, 235 cu. in. I was driving home from a date, (actually had just dropped Dottie off and was taking some other people home) when an older lady driving her 96 year old father home from work t-boned the car when she ran a stop sign. My father and I had spent months rebuilding the car prior to that. Welded in new dog legs behind the back doors and “t” sections between the doors. Had completly repainted in metallic green and cream paint with wet sanding between coats. I swear that the newly welded sections kept the offending vehicle from getting under the chassis and rolling the car. Instead it pushed me about 75 ft. up on someone’s lawn. My father made me drive it home and that probably kept me driving after that. I made the ultimate mistake in demanding to take it to the junk yard when the insurance company said it was totaled. I sat and watched as a fork truck operator came along and knocked the wheels off with the tip of the forks and then broke through the side windows to lift the car up onto a pile of other cars. I am sure it was recycled into something bigger. I still have the key.
My first owned vehicle was a '64 Plymoth Fury that I bought from my uncle for $50. I sold it for $150 two years later after replacing the clutch. My first new vehicle was a Mazda RX4 wagon. If you have never driven a Wankel it is an interesting experience. No starting torque but it could really go after you got out of first gear. It hugged the road like a race car but had pretty bad gas mileage for the time.

1973 Chevy 3/4 ton Pick-up. This was in 1995. It was a bright orange farm truck that came complete with a giant dent where a horse had backed into it. What happened to it? Well it had a 1972 chevy 350 in it so it was sold for 4 times what we paid for it to a guy that just wanted the motor to make a hot rod.

The first car that I owned that I was not sharing with anyone was a 1972 Chevrolet El Camino SS purchased for me by my parents. I still have it and drive it daily. I also recently purchased a 1967 El Camino my self that I drive on the weekends due to the fact that I am in the process of restoring it. I plan on keeping them both but only time will tell. By the way I am also looking for a 1959 El Camino if anyone knows of one.

1965 Volkswagen 411 Hatchback. UGLY is being nice to it. Followed the Dead around in it. 300K. Someone crashed into it when it was parked. I miss that ugly car :frowning:

1976 Olds Cutlass Supreme

I bought it from a guy for $100. This was a 2-door car with possibly the largest doors ever on a car. The driver’s side door never worked from the outside. I would fix it, and it would just break.

After driving it for 2 years, the local junk yard bought it for $50.

This car taught me to be a gentleman, as I would have to open the door for my passenger first.

Andy B.