Your first robot

I’d like to see a picture of the first robot that your team ever built. Its just cool to see how far we’ve all come. I’ll start off.

by the way…this is when team numbers were changed yearly and were given alphbetically by your main sponsor name, so we were #8 rookie season in 1997.

Our team colors were red and gold first year only b/c those are our school colors.
Now we’re rockin the black and yellow.:cool:

Please post em up:)

EDIT: Please post your team’s rookie year.

Our first one was disassembled two years ago, and the only picture I have readily available of it is this low quality rendering. Like many teams, we learned our scissor lift lesson our rookie year… the drive system was also kind of wack. 8" Skyways were bolted onto one of those plastic FP hubs we used to get in the kit. I never saw it actually move, but the ratio would imply that it was really slow.

Well this is it.
It’s really small though(:()

Any bigger pics? lol:]

well when i was 6 or 7 (i forget) i built a small robot from a kit, it was made of cardboard and only 1 motor, my dad tried to help wire it, he was confused, i was proud, he came home and i had it assembled my self wiring and everything, ill give him some credit though he thought that it was supposed to be more advanced

then i build robots using the LEGO mindstorms kit
then robots with microcontroller (BasicX and BasicATOM)
and now vex and robots with sensors, microcontroller, etc…

This is ours.

dude… I remember your bot, you were at milwaukee regional right?


haha, I am a fan of maize craize. cool beans.


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1126 season of 2003.


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Sorry about not posting my teams first robot, but I don’t have any pictures of it.

Me personally? No. I didn’t get the liberty of going to Milwaukee. But I got to watch it. As for the team, they went there yeah. You’re from Trojan robotics right? Loved the design, man.:slight_smile:

And for the thread…
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this is ours, i’ll try and find a better pic…

haha lol, “design” that design was invented the saturday before shipdate.

good times, vivek

This was our school’s first robot, Coyobot I:

This was our first USFIRST robot, Coyobot II:

We have come along way…

We’ve technically had two first robots one for each of our rookie years.

465’s first robot for the 2000 FRC season: Zeus

862’s first robot for the 2002 FRC season: Ziff


Here’s 228’s 1999 robot “Gus 1”, from back in the days before we had engineers mentoring on our team, and a sponsor with CNC fabrication facilities:](

We’ve come a long way since then; here’s our 2007 robot, “Gus 9”:](