Your Funniest FIRST Experience

Sorry guys :stuck_out_tongue: … Can’t have a “Worst” or a “Best” without a “Funniest”…

This season - I think I’d have to say Nationals hanging out at the hotel. The guards were having fun helping us out with floor tag! “… He went thatta way!” Oh yes, and paper plane sessions with some Team 33 kids. While that was all going on, a biscuit comes flying across, almost hitting a teammate. Came from the floor above :eek: Talk about random projectile.

And my friend and I decided we were sumo wrestlers and put on the bathrobes and stuffed them with pillows! And then we sumo wrestled. T’was quite the fun times. I’d add a picture but Sarah might kill me :stuck_out_tongue:

My whole FIRST Experience - Last year, we decided to go running on the track at the top of the hotel in the freezing rain/slush. We had smiley face bouncy balls and we decided to see how high they’d go in the slush. The results were quite surprising, actually :smiley:

Dan: “Girls are the worst thing in the world!”
Me: “You say that now, Dan… just wait 'til you hit puberty.”

my room and the next room that was connected had a pizza fight the first night. they hurt when you get hit in the face with a full piece of pizza. after that we went after their towles and wrestled in between the rooms. the next day everyone got yelled at and they wanted to charge us more for cleanaing since it was like a 4 or 5 star hotel… oo it was fun!

Watching our mentor getting his head shaven in celebration at Sacramento. Funniest. Thing. Evar.

Every team meeting something funnier happens, I just can’t rate what is the funniest. If you were at at 25 meeting you’ll know, it’s simply hilarious. It forces the sun to burn the clouds and shine at our faces:p

My funniest FIRST experience has to be one night at the 2004 nationals. One of my roommates was keeping the rest of us up by putting in a movie. We wanted to just go to bed but he said “It’s too early you losers, I can’t believe you want to go to bed now!” Well about 3 minutes later he was asleep himself and me and my friend were wide awake watching his movie. We quickly realized that he was asleep and tried to wake him up, saying “Get up you loser!” The irony was priceless. :smiley: Well, he wouldn’t get up - no matter what we did he didn’t wake up. He was in the deepest sleep I’ve ever seen anybody in. Me and my other roomate decided that, while we were trying to wake him up, we might as well have a little fun. :rolleyes: I took a small book and balanced it on his head. He was still fast asleep. I took something else (i forget what) and put that on top of the book. Still asleep. I took a washcloth (clean) from the bathroom and draped it over the items so it covered his face. No response. Then his head turned and all the stuff came crashing down. We waited for him to ask about the strange stack of objects on his head, but he didn’t - HE WAS STILL ASLEEP!!! He had only rolled over while sleeping. I took a TV Guide and started a second stack. Again, my teammate remained totally oblivious. I took one of those large plastic display stands (which holds the pad and paper and TV Guide and all that other stuff) and tried to balance that on top of the TV Guide. It fell. HE WOKE UP!!! :ahh: As he was waking up my friend threw the washcloth onto his face. All he said about the whole thing was “Dude, why are there boxers on my face?” The fact that he still had no idea about the stacking, coupled with the fact that he thought the washcloth was a pair of underwear, left us laughing hysterically. We told him everythign and he actually didn’t believe us at first because he really had no idea any of it was going on.

shows how mature i can be at times :rolleyes:

hehe, my funniest experience had to be on plane flying down to atlanta. we take off, and go up into a huge cloud, and everything is pure white. my friend turns to me, puts his sunglasses on, and says “This is the construct. It is our loading program. we can load anything here from clothing, ammunition, weapons, anything we want…” everyone who heard it started laughing :smiley:

yep, we’re a bunch of nubs…

the funniest happening this season occured at or end of the year banquet… to our mascot (a middle schooler who is the younger bro of an alumni). every year somebody plays a prank on this poor kid…

this year, some one poured some hot sauce into his coke when he wasnt looking!!! he went through a series of 50 facial expressions in a matter of seconds, and the whole restauraunt busted out laughing… it was hilarious.

goes good with your team name, FIRE :smiley:

Here at Sparky 384, one thing that sets us appart is the hilarious situations and events we find ourselves in, along with how we get out of them. Here are just some of the greatest (as in you had to be there funny) and just hilarious moments (like when we crowed surfed our team head into a trash can at VCU). Here are just a few that I know about.

-Ax & Shaving cream one guy on our team. Just won’t mention his name on the board. It got his hair messed up AND some on his PowerBook. We’re too evil…

-Daring kids on 1086 to take down 10 cups of Beverly at the Coke Museum. He didn’t finnish. tehehehehe…

-Me flipping over Mr. Ivey over my sholder on the bus to get back our human players 5 point ball. After that, everyone went into a rage and beat him.

-Our team head telling us all we had to be up at 5am to go to the pits to get everything there and get a place in line. Needless to say, we improvised quite a bit, and walking with tons of girls at 5am was rather ammusing.

-Durring the build season in 2004, we all bought ice cream from DairyQueen. I’ll leave your imagination to sum up the rest.

-2003 Champs, we were grounded on Friday night (that’s why you saw NO ONE from 384 at Six Flags on Friday) and one room put all the beds up and played vollyball in the room.

-2004 after party. There was extra ice water and cups, needless to say, we had loads of wet mentors and students afterwards… :slight_smile:

There are more, just don’t want to get them in trouble. Plus, I have a really lousy memory… :stuck_out_tongue:


After one build night, a bunch of us decided to go to Olive Garden. Three guys on our team try to see who can drink the most Coke. So, after about the 6th one each, our waiter comes back, bewildered that they’ve even gotten that far. And after the 7th, he just gave us a pitcher and wished us good luck. I think it was a donation from the restaurant, I don’t really remember seeing it on the bill :slight_smile:

nice i did that one time and every one was burping up fizz

I’m fairly certain that if the Atlanta Hotels Sydicate ever finds this thread, we’re finished gentlemen. That being said I’ll add my own fond reccollections from this, my rookie year:

  1. One day sitting in the shop, we we’re discussing some hairbrained scheme that required a 9v battery with low internal resistance. Let’s watch…

Teammate: What we need is a really 9v battery that can handle a helluva lot of amperage draw.

Me: Like a car battery or something. But that would be a really weird car battery…

Teammate: chuckles Yeah, like a russian car battery!

Me: ** In Soviet Russia, Battery is limited by YOUR INTERNAL RESISTANCE!!!**

Everyone in Earshot: Muhahaha!

  1. Well, the contest for funniest moment in this last build season is 0wned by: When Robots Attack!!!

Seriously, check out that link :slight_smile:

Probably the funniest experience I had was playing Taboo with 433. It was Bryan (our driver), Phil (our now-alumni arm driver–when we had an arm), and myself, plus about five Firebirds. We went from the team social until some odd hour, when Phil split. Then all of us pretty much split.

<mentor_mode>That could have hurt someone or damaged your robot. If that ever happens again, just remove power from the Operator Interface and your robot will stop moving. </mentor_mode>

That was pretty funny. No programmer should have to exert that much physical activity. We weren’t designed for it.

At nationals in 2002, 2 of my teammates and myself walked around the three All Star Hotels attempting to find some guy that would do the truffle shuffle (from the Goonies) for us. Needless to say, no guy would do that. We had some really sad attempts from some of the boys from “chicago” on the floor above us. But we did get some “Canadian” Mountain Dew out of it.

At KSC in 2002 we had some fun with one of the girls on our team who was dirty. Needless to say, she was forced to become clean afterwards.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few good FIRST experiences worth remembering:

  • The Chicken Dance Bet in St. Louis
  • The Beverly Incident (see below)
  • My kids almost throwing me in the pool in St. Louis in 2003 (I survived only by my screaming, clawing the walls, and the hotel threatening to kick us out)
  • How I met Brandon Martus (I was too afraid to talk to him. Too tall!)
  • How I met JVN :wink:
  • Making Andy Baker become my chauffeur at Kickoff

…and a few others worth remembering but not fit for ChiefDelphi.

As a senior, I had a bad, bad experience with Beverly. A few of us did.

The team from '01 thought it would be funny to tell all the '02 rookie members how ‘great’ the Italian soda Beverly is. They talked about it the entire build season, raising our interests. By the time we got to Florida, we had to have some.

Luckily, I had an insider that tipped me off - Beverly is a bitter, almost retching drink that is almost unbearable. I’ve had cough syrup taste better. From Roadside America: “Mouth-befouled veterans encourage newcomers to sample Beverly — a quinine aperitif from Italy — then laugh hysterically as the victims bulge their eyes and spit it out.”

While I did try some, I knew better and expected the taste. However, some not-so-lucky kids on our team weren’t aware and downed the drinks willingly. There are still bitter feelings (not quite as bitter as Beverly, though) about that incident. Later, we managed to get our hands on a two-liter of the stuff, and dared one person to drink it all. I think three people ended up sharing and finishing it, but each were nauseous afterward. :slight_smile:

Funniest FIRST experience had to be Elvis and the Shoe Stealer from the UTC New England Regional team social this year (…

Travis Fox, the hypnotist, is terrific. We’re trying to book a show with him for in November (stay tuned, Connecticut!)…

Having the SPAM girls write on my hand “I do not wash my hands” and run down the many escalators in Atlanta yelling High fiiiive to the people going the opposite direction. The look on their faces when they read it after giving me five was priceless every time.

Good times. Good times.

I was just reminded of what has to be the absolute funniest moment I have experienced in FIRST. This past year, the birthday of one of our drivers was on the Saturday of the SoCal Regional. Before the regional, myself and another team member decided to kidnap her and throw her in the hotel’s pool that morning. So with the help of my sister, we got into her room, I grabbed her legs and the other guy grabbed her arms, and we carried her kicking and screaming down from the 13th floor to the 5th where the pool was. On the elevator ride down, we passed by an elderly couple, who were absolutely shocked by her screaming for help, but they understood when we told them it was her birthday. Then we carried her down the LONG hallway to the pool, and I found out that this girl can KICK! She’s been a swimmer through all of high school, and those legs are strong, I swear she could probably wrestle her way away from Big Mike, yeah :eek:. So we finally got her to the pool and threw her in, and she pulled the other guy in after her. It was hilarious!