Your Goals for the 2020 Season

As kickoff approaches, I encourage everyone to take a moment and consider what you are hoping to accomplish, either for yourself or for your team, during the 2020 season.

What are your goals for the 2020 season?

I’ll start. My goals for the 2020 season are to

  1. build meaningful relationships with my new students and co-mentors on 333
  2. Learn about how the team operates during the season
  3. share my lessons learned and advice to help my students have the best experience possible.
  4. On the competitive side of things, I’d love for the team to qualify for champs via a wildcard or (preferably) winning a regional.

I can’t speak for the rest of my team, but in my opinion, our two goals this season should be:

  1. Make it back to Worlds for our 2nd time and our 2nd time in a row
  2. Spend less time debating over what design to use for our robot so we can get more drive practice with the robot and more time to automate our robot

My goals for the season with 1257 are as follows:

  1. Help the students have fun.
  2. Have fun myself.
  3. Build a robot that hopefully acts as a mechanism for inspiration.

I was going to say in no particular order, but I’d be lying to myself, it’s in that order.


Maintain a healthier FRC-life balance.

  • Keep everyone healthy and safe
  • Build on the far healthier culture the team had in 2019
  • Build on the MCC-focused mindset the team had in 2019
  • Get money to make traveling to both events cheap
  • Do all the awards submissions
  • Make playoffs again
  • Leave with hardware for once
  1. Solidworks certification for myself and our design team
  2. Develop robotics programs at the middle schools in our district and host 3-4 FLL teams at our high school.

Those are the big goals… More immediate goals are to make it thru the first week of build season next week.

Hard agree with those who say they want to have healthy teams and personal lives. On top of that, our team goal is to design, build and effectively drive a robot that is the natural first pick of the top seeded team at two regionals. This will mean some process changes for us that I think are healthy and needed.

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My goals are pretty simple:

  1. Build on the legacy my seniors are creating. They’ve been working to build our team’s organization and infrastructure (with a strong push from me) and have done a fine job. I want to get them to make those advances into a permanent part of how the team operates.

  2. Continue to build on our improvements in robot design, building, and programming from the past few years.

  3. At least make it to NCDCMP this year so my seniors get to finish their FRC tenure as they started it back in the 2017 season. It would be great to move on to their first Worlds as well (our team has never been) but just getting them to go out on the high note they started with will be my aim.

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Team goals are slightly different, but they both head to the same goal of inspiring students:

  1. Actually build within our means this year (no more passthrough attempts)

  2. Iterate on designs instead of stopping at the first working version

  3. Drive practice, and lots of it.

  4. Win an event as the alliance captain, win DCMP, and win an alliance division.

  1. Simple, effective, and robust robot design
  2. Actually have a functioning autonomous scoring routine
  3. More drive practice earlier in the season
  4. Make finals at at least one of our regionals, hopefully winning one of them.
  1. A robot that works and is competitive
  2. Win at least 1 regional
  3. Do well at district champs and maybe make it to worlds

Personal Goals:

  1. Solidworks certification
  2. Build good/better relationships with the team.
  3. Make more custom parts

Usually I’m pretty good about setting goals for myself… Especially because I try to work with the students to have their own goals set too. It’d be hypocritical to not have my own, so I’m glad I had a reminder to get them done!

The background context impacting my goals: We graduated a small but key group of seniors last year. We had a large freshman class last year and this year, and only have about 5 upperclassmen students that are really into build. We’ve gained some mentors, and potentially “lost” one (who is going to be helping out another team that needs it). There’s also significant changes to potentially make with no bag.

My goals with all that in mind:

  • make sure to not just depend on our second yr veterans and to get our freshman/rookies engaged one way or another. One way I intend to do that is have rookies work on building an everybot we can also practice with. This allows them to have ownership of a low risk project, and if we’re smart with our electronics can be relatively cheap to build. It also gives us a baseline - 118s Everybot the last 2 years has been a very good contributor to matches.
  • take off Sundays during the regular “build season” but have a more consistent schedule throughout “competition season”. I’m hoping this gives mentors and students a break to prevent burnout. The tricky part may be forcing myself to do some non-robot stuff on Sundays.
  • keep working to engage and keep mentors in the loop. We have some mentors that don’t show up very often, but are definitely helpful. Making the best use of them is sometimes difficult, especially when they’re new, but helps the team
  • host teams at our facility. We have a full field, and 3 mentors that act as robot inspectors. There is no reason a team near us should show up to competition un-prepared or with an incomplete robot. I am hoping that we effectively invite teams over the week before Houston competitions to basically do a pre-inspection, help them make bumpers, wire electronics, or whatever they may need help with. Getting them over will be the hard part I imagine, but that’s going to be my goal.
  • captain/first pick quality robot at state champs. The top end of Texas is very good imo, and if we can be somewhere in that mix, then I think we’re having a pretty good year. We’ll be tighter on finances this year than the past 4, but we’ve got the big machinery in our build space that I think even with the tighter budget that we should be OK. We really benefit from knowing that if we qualify for worlds that it’s in Houston.

Going into my first full season as a mentor for 5662, I have two primary goals for the team:

1: Reach the playoffs at a district event (our team has not been in the playoffs since the 2016 season)
2: Reach the Michigan State Championship

My personal goals are to:

1: Utilize film review to improve how we as a drive team play during matches (something I have not yet done since joining FRC in 2014)
2: Continue to learn the functions of building a robot that I am not well versed in, such as programming (which I had never done before this season)

One main goal for our mentors and students this FRC season.

1.) Make sure all 43~ students have an answer for when someone asks them what they did to help complete this years robot.

Three performance based personal goals for the team.

1.) Win DCMP
2.) Win division
3.) Play on Einstein

Very excited and motivated for this season.


Personal goals:

  • Don’t quit.
  • Learn how the new team’s existing build process works and record opportunities for improvement.
  • Enable good things - push kids who are onto something, help kids who are struggling, try to keep the team focused and organized.
  • Get the team fielding a robot that plays in eliminations (1st round pick) at both events.
  • Try and advocate for a robot / design that does not over-reach.
  • Keep my job / friends / life intact

4607’s goal every year is to improve upon previous years and achieve a higher level of success. I didn’t think it was possible for us to beat 2018 in 2019… and I don’t believe it’s possible for us to beat 2019 this year… but I’d certainly love to prove myself wrong!

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Team goal - Focus more on the process not the result.

Personal goal - Keep skiing every week.


Not in any particular Order:

  • Better facilitate self-organization of the programmers,
    • Act a little more as Scrum Master, a little less as Tech Lead
    • Facilitate use of Kanban and Agile methodologies
    • Facilitate use of Git
  • Spend more time on proper Layout and Organization of the Electrical Components.
    • Possibly split out a separate Electrical Dept. since we have more students now
  • Not write a single line of the final code, and lessen my involvement of “back-seat coding”
    • Notable exception includes tweaking setpoints/static values during testing
  • Actually, Finally, use CAN
  • Encourage and Facilitate in the use of more Sensors on actuators
  • Facilitate more automation of robot actions, less a button for every single little thing
    • Sensors help with this a lot!
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Our goals for this season is using innovative mechanism for our robot to leave further knowledge for the people that are going to come after we leave the team and go to college. And ofcourse, having lots of fun!!

Setting the bar low after a really bad year last year. Goals for 2020 are as follows: organize our electronics board, build within our means and resources (no 3 stage elevators or climbers for a 2nd year team of 10) and make sure we can do one thing well.