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On this thread, tchescow asked about hosts in Brazil, and some people mentioned which host they use.

I think it would be helpful to have a complete list of hosts that FIRST teams use as reference when looking for hosts. Please post information about whatever host your team uses or that you use personally. Include the name/website, price, and other basic information about the host.

well… the two that i know of and have used in the past are; and
(they come in free packages and yearly/monthly fees, i can’t remember)

Our team uses Powweb, as they have twelve gigabytes of storage, 300 Gb/month of bandwidth, one-click auto install of the most popular open source software, as well as a ton more stuff. I really like the 12 gigs of storage - that way I can host tons of files and never have to worry about taking down old content to keep new content. (I really hate finding dead links to files that no longer exist!)

And getting all this for only $7.77 a month is (IMHO) a really good deal. :cool:

I’m not sure what we use on 358, but I’ve had personal success with LiquidWeb hosting, and they have a good variety of packages for teams to choose from.

Team 1640 uses VizaWeb (
They have great prices and great support!

We have our own dedicated server at the school running Ubuntu Linux (a debian derivative)
Nothing like owning your own web site! It’s free to us too :slight_smile:

1065 has 3 sites, only one is updated and it is hosted on freewebs. We are considering moving to sevaa becuase of the free hosting for FIRST. the other two sites are on the schools severs and have to follow strict guidelines that we wont be able to comply with the new site (to much paper work and parental forms).

FNS Network in Franklin, VA is offering free web hosting to teams in Virginia and may eventually spread the offer to other teams. Team 616 was formerly hosted on FNS Network, and Team 1610 still is.

Check out the FNS Network FAQ for more information. $4 per month gets you 450mb storage, 10 gigs transfer, unlimited everything else, and Cpanel, the best control panel out there. $5 per month bumps that up to 850mb storage and 20 gigs transfer.

We use iPowerWeb. $95.40 a year, comes with a domain, 10,000 MB storage, 250 GB bandwidth, 100 subdomains, etc. etc.

We used to be at Ventures Online (bought out by Data393 ). We just recently moved to ev1servers. Both are very reliable hosts, with slightly different hardware packages and pricing structures.

$7.77/month but you can host 5 unigue domain names for that price. Register domains at

FYI: FIRST Brazil ( is looking for donations in order to host our website in Ipowerweb. If you’re interested please contact me.

We use Sevaa.

My question is this: What FIRST Robotics website (other than Chief Delphi) could possible require nearly $100 per year for hosting? That is outrageous. Is there some special reason you need 10 gigs of online hosting? What website could you possibly build to be that large? Also, I advise you to look at some reviews like these:

of your potentially soon to be new host.

There are cheaper and better hosts out there.

  1. Several Brazilian Teams support FIRST Brazil website. The payment method should be a national invoice (not credit card and etc). If we move to an web hosting in another country, we’ll have to pay for it.

  2. We pay $10 monthly for 400mb 4gb traffic. This month our bandwith went to 3gb. I can’t upload anymore videos or big files. Space has finished.

We’re stuck in brazilian servers and we cannot move for now.

…So I think we’ll keep using this web host for now, it’s the best we’ve got.

Personally we’ve never had trouble w/ iPowerWeb, everything has worked and their support has been fine whenever we’ve needed it. $95/year is $7.95 a month…not much more expensive than anyone else seems to be. Also the reason we use it is because true…we don’t need all that room or bandwidth, but for a little extra a month we have it. Best bang for the buck. :slight_smile:

So, basically if someone asked - I would recommend iPowerWeb to them.

Our website actually costs me, actually my business M-Pute, about $109 a month :ahh: But this is because I am connected to an sDSL line (guaranteed speed) and I run my own webserver and 4+ websites. Unlimited bandwidth and about 1TB of storage.

To me anyone in FIRST should work through SEVAA. Its free to any FIRST team and there wouldn’t be any paperwork to get approved and any country should be able to log into their servers to update the team’s website.


I use Surpass Hosting

$59 a year for 5GB/100GB, and you can host 2 domains.

i use

you get a terabyte of transfer and 100 gigs of space for only $4.00 a month. using the coupon code ‘5 % OFF’ at registration can get you 5% off and drop it to about $3.80 a month. this all at about $45 a year. you get tons of other stuff like php and mysql and cpanel and just about anything you want. you also get a free domain for life! i really like using them and am very satisfied, i recommend them to anyone looking for low cost hosting