Your ideas for future Onshape functionality

What do you want to see in Featurescripts and Onshape functionality for the coming season?

With more and more teams experimenting with and switching to Onshape, I thought I might open up a thread asking what people want to see. MKCad and my featurescript collection primarily developed out of needs from within team 1836. Now that I’m graduating, (and have far too much free time on my hands) I’d love to hear what the CD community wants to see in Featurescript or other Onshape development I can work on to help streamline your CAD processes.

I look forward to hearing (and hopefully implementing many of) your ideas!

Path Length Dimension from Solidworks.

Mass properties overrides. Should been a feature Day 1.
Being able to switch between parts without reloading.

It’s been a while since I last tried Onshape, but one of the main reasons I couldn’t use it is because there’s no equivalent of SolidWorks’s “Hole Wizard.” Being able to quickly create the right clearance and tap drill holes without needing to think about it or look up standards is extremely valuable.

Also, I don’t remember Onshape having any sort of “toolbox” of fasteners (again, like SolidWorks does).

These features may now be in Onshape, but from what I remember, they weren’t.

Both features are now available. :slight_smile:

They call the fastener collection “standard content”. Video here:

Onshape has a hole wizard and their standard content feature followed MKCad - fasteners by about a week. I’m still salty.

Thanks for your ideas!

Yeah I saw the video posted.

It’s nice to see that it’s an improving platform. I remember I tried it at work about 1.5-2 years ago and it was really hard to use. It definitely looks way better now than back then.

I’ll focus on FRC-related Onshape features instead of features I want Onshape itself to add:

  • A “complete” FRC COTS library.
    MKCad is really close and I love it, but there’s parts missing that make me realize how much of a pain it is to import things. - **A way to reach out and request that a part be added to a specific library. **
    If a part that I use often is missing from MKCad, how do I get ahold of you or 1836 to update it? - An FRC-specific gear creation FeatureScript.
    Let me choose DP, teeth, and bore and have it automatically find a VP / AM gear that fits and generate that part. If one doesn’t fit, show an error. - Proper weights and materials added.
    I know Onshape doesn’t support custom weight overrides, but it’d be great if all the materials were set so we could get close. Maybe we can crowd-source this? - **An Up To Face feature for the Custom Length Extrusion (CL) FeatureScript. **
    I’d love to be able to say “put a thunderhex shaft from this face to that face” and have it update if I change the distance between faces. - **A “distance from end to first hole” feature in the CL FeatureScript. **
    It’d be nice to be able to define where the first hole is in relation to the end of the Versa Tubes, so i don’t have to make the part and then trim. - A comprehensive Getting Started guide for Onshape in the FRC world.
    The lower we make the barrier of entry, the more people will realize that Onshape is the best CAD program for FIRST.

+1 for the comprehensive guide

I want to be able to select sections of a part in an assembly and be able to translate that into a sketch. this would be great at increasing the efficiency of making holes to mount motors, pdp etc.

I love to use derive in a part studio to accomplish this. Especially with multiple parts in a given studio, I’m often designing entire mechanisms in one studio. A great example of this is a drivetrain, where you can derive the PDP, translate it to wherever you want, and then make your holes accordingly. Going from the other way, you could always edit the bellypan in context from your assembly and add the holes from there.

I love this functionality!