your nicknames

well i always wanted to see what the crazy nicknames they your teem gave you for what you do on your teem

well i will start…

my nickname is Supper Sister Fix- It cause i was the one of the people who knew that robot inside and out and could fix just a about any thing…

so lets see what yours are :cool:

two words…

:cool: EL JORGE! :cool:

ok, most of my nicknames have evolved from my last name Starke (said like stark). it is funny because when people would formaly introduce me to people they would say “and this is starkey, i mean Matt Starke.” here are a fewof my nicknames:


My nickname is “Slacker,” which occured thanks to a mixup in the nicknames that were put on the uniforms when we silk-screened them, so I ended up with the name, and the team kept it due to its irony with my FIRST-obsessed personality.

In person I’m usually “Dave” (full given name is David).
Sometimes in person my name is “Toast”]( (Link is to explanation of how I got that name)
Online I’m usually known as “MrToast”
On my extended family’s email list, I’m known as “iDave” (to help distinguish between me and my uncle Dave)

I’m also occasionally known as:
Dave the Pit God (in Robotics)
Dave the Bass Drum God (in Band)
Dave the Zylophone God (also in Band)
Dave the geek (in most social gatherings)
That tall crazy dude who’s a total Mac geek

Um, yeah, that’s about it.

R.N.G.B. - Redneck Gopher Bomber. Refers to an… incident… that occured a few years ago involving persistent gophers in my backyard, gasoline, and matches…

Mouse - apparently, when I program intently I hunch over the keyboard and look like the guy “Mouse” from The Matrix

Super JamBob the Hobo - Honestly, I have no idea where this came from. One of my friends just called me it one day, and somehow it stuck.

B-rat because its easier to pronounce.
Y-Mouse - we got bored.

Either one works.

yeap my team call me The Goober!!!
you can tell that if you see me at the compatitions :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Well I’m surprised I’m actually going to say this.

On my team i got the nickname “Flounder”, because i was flopping about like a fish. I was programming the bot to cap one of the home goals, and i realized what was wrong. I used an if statement when i should have used else if. so i started to bang my head on the ground. making a very hard to describe noise. From that moment on one of our mentors Dave has called me “Flounder”. Also he has said when ever something goes wrong “Don’t start floundering around”.