Your Smoky Mountains photos are ready for viewing

For three years I have been taking pictures at the Championships and making them available to the teams.
This year I decided to do a regional. I took several hundred pictures at SMR and if you would like them I will send them to you. Just ask.
The teams I have pictures of are:
234 1261 2973 3821 4092
292 1319 3116 3824 4098
337 1466 3140 3843 4245
447 2190 3227 3844 4265
451 2200 3259 3856 4306
538 2393 3516 3961 4396
547 2751 3519 3966
772 2783 3675 3972
1038 2817 3783 3984
1249 2856 3797 4020

I’m sorry I was unable to get photos of all the teams there.
Also, if you see a rookie team, you know, let them know I have the pictures available.
You can e-mail me. All I ask is that if you use them, please give me credit.


Wayne, I’d love to get any pictures you have of 3259. Also, I’m in contact with 3843 and 3844, and can get stuff to them. Should I PM you an email address, or what should we do?

can you send me the pictures of team 1261, 1319, and 3824’s pictures?

[email protected]

thank you very much

If you know any of these teams, get a hold of them and tell them about Chief Delphi.
If you would like the help them out, e-mail me and I will send you the photos and then you can give them to the teams.


Team 2751 and 1319. [email protected]

2751 to [email protected]


If you could send me pictures of Team 3824, that would be awesome. Thanks
[email protected]

That is fantastic! Could you send me the pics of 1319?

My email address is [email protected]

I really appreciate it! :smiley:

Please send 234’s pictures to [email protected]

I will be on hiatus till Sunday. I have a regional to go to :smiley:
I will get the photos to you when I return. I promise :rolleyes:

Team 772 to [email protected] please. Many thanks.


Note to requesters: you should probably send a private mail message to Wayne instead of posting your e-mail addresses here. Openly posted addresses anywhere on the WWWeb are essentially SPAM magnets.

And, Wayne, would you consider sending a few of those to frc-designs for their every robot gallery effort this year?