Your Team's Dream Alliance

This question came up in my head in Minnesota when our team had a qualifying match with what would end up being the #1 and #2 seeded robots. I decided to wait to make a thread though until after Championship so everyone had a good idea on the robots of the world. Now that the season’s over (excluding awesome offseason events) and you’ve had time to digest the Championship, what would your robot’s dream alliance be? If you could pick any two teams to work with you, which?

In Happy Fantasy Land, I’d go with 2970 / 2826 / 1714. Our team already knows how well we can work with 2826’s drive team, and 2970’s an all-star team from Wisconsin that’s worked well with us in the past and can get huge scores racked up fairly easily. We all have good HPs, too. 2826 and 1714 could convert empty cells as well, the any HP could roll or throw Supercells into any of the robots, and rack up even more points. When in need any of us could play defense for each other.

Got a dream team in mind?

Definitely 870/1717/67. We can play killer defense and score a big dump once a game, 1717 can consistently score and we paired with them in Atlanta, and 67 is well…67. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please search.

This is different, this is about what alliance would you want to be on. Not the best alliance there could be. So who would you work with best?

For 857 i think it would have to be 217, 111, and us. We can get 1 good dump and run 2-3 EC a match and then play D and then 217 and 111 could do what they do best.

During the Portland Regional, 2915 got the honor of being on a alliance with 488 and 2471. It was a ton of fun, and all of the robot’s features complemented each other.

we got up to semifinals, and were eliminated due to technical problems (anyone who was at the Portland regional will undoubtedly remember the horrendous static problems)

488 is an INCREDIBLE team to work with, their drivers are great and their bot handles moon rocks like none other.


We had the honor of pairing up with 45 and 234 at BMR in the quals. The drive team said the strategies were amazing, the communication between coaches & drivers was direct, clear, and effective, and the roles of each team within the alliance were well-defined and well-crafted to each robot’s strengths. We would love the chance to ally with them again (IRI and/or CAGE Match, perhaps?).

I say us, 67, and 217 and let the moon rocks rain in :yikes:

we have worked with both in the past and it was crazy each time, all three of us together would run out or moon rock stock ridiculously fast…

I would have to agree 100% with noah us, 67, and 217 we all are from the same area and all are friends!!!:slight_smile:

thats game! we win!!!

For my team, it’s been a dream alliance for the past two years, but it’s never quite happened.

Each year we’ve looked forward to teaming up with 1771. We’re really close at competition and we respect each other.

We have also gotten oppurtunities to team up with team 1746. They are among our most favorites, if the most favorite, and we enjoy teaming up with them whenever we get the chance.

So naturally we would like our dream alliance to be 1771, 1746, and 1261. We have all spent off-season time together, and we all have very didactic and animated players and members.

1503, 67, 217


Crap, I lost!

Instead of a dream alliance I have a dream match,
2008 V 2009
1114,217,148 vs 111,67,971

There are so many teams we love to work with it’s hard to choose. 67, 217, 33, 494, 70, 469, 27, and 330 just to name a few. We love to be paired with HOT not just because they are awesome but because the alliance name becomes Freezerburn. So I think my dream alliance would be with 67 and 217 any year. Not just because both are crazy awesome but also because the alliance name would be the Freezerburned Chickens. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about my team but my personal dream alliance would be with 45 and 111. I learn something from Raul and Andy every time I play with them.

Exploding Sciborg Force!!!
1902, 1155, 126

Madtown Marauder Gamers

1323, 11, 1771

This would be a fun team.

That would be pretty epic…I want to see that really badly now.

My dream alliance would be my team 2079, 20 and 79…just for kicks.

I’d also like 2079, 67 and 217, that’d be pretty awesome.

I also want to add that 1403 and 48 are possibly the two coolest teams to be allied with. When we were allied with them they were both really nice as well as good at cheering and coming up prematch introduction poses/stances.

I’m personally fond of all these choices…

Past 2009 Alliances:

  • FrogCub #2851 - 1701, 503, and 2851
  • Critically Built on Frogs - 85, 503, and 2188
  • TNGator Force - 1250, 280, and 503
  • OP SimFrogtics / Simtriotic Force - 1114, 2056, and 503

Dream Draft:

  • Team MAGNA - 503, 1941, and 3115 (Awesome sister teams!)
  • Chickenfrogs of Tomorrow - 67, 217, 503 (Because we NEVER get to play with 217 and rivalry triangles are fun)
  • SIMWILDFORCE - 111, 1114, and 503 (Because we still feel bad for hitting Wildstang’s control board in 2008)
  • NC Phoenix Frogs - 1918, 703, and 503 (Because you scared us to death in West Michigan)
  • Thundering Frogwranglers - 217, 148, and 503 (Because I personally have a robo-crush on Tornado and Roxi)


  • The HOT Beach Force - 67, 330, and 503 (2005 World Champs)
  • Pi Hi Frog Warriors - 573, 503, and 1015 (2007 Great Lakes Champs)
  • Krunchy Husky Force - 79, 65, and 503 (2007 Galileo Finalists)
  • Soaring Frogs of Tomorrow - 67, 326, and 503 (2008 Great Lakes Champs)

Every year I hope that by some miracle we end up on a 39 / 842 / 1726 alliance, but I don’t think it will ever happen.

I liked being with 195 and 1155 at the championships…

they were alot of fun:rolleyes:

From what I have personally seen, an alliance I would like to see is 111, 2753, and 1771.