Your thoughts on our team

Chief Delphi would like to know what other teams think about us in general.

The thing I notice the most about your team is the enthusiasm and motivation you bring to competition. Whether it’s in the pits or in the stands, I’ve noticed that teammates encourage one another to cheer and stand up, not just for their team, but for a lot of others as well.

In the pits, I’ve noticed a lot of courtesy from 47.

For what it’s worth, I think your team has a great outlook on behavior, whether at home or at comeptition.

Your really cool team jackets and trailor tend to stick out. You’re definately one of the more outstanding teams and one of the best known.
I remember a couple years ago we thought it was cool when we trounced a generic delphi team, just because the fact that we beat a delphi sponsored team. Thats the standard you have set for teams.

Thanks guys:)