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Posted by 2PK at 12/29/2000 8:33 PM EST

Other from Univeristy of Ilinois.

I am sitting here and I started to wonder. Let’s get a little kick-off hype going. :slight_smile: What does everybody think that this year’s competition will be like? Alliances? With how many other teams? what about the general objective of the competition? For example, balls again or something more electic like the ‘floppy’s?’ I think another 3 team alliance is going to be necessary because of the number of teams, and balls again because they are more motile. My two cents. Share yours.

Posted by Travis Covington at 12/30/2000 3:20 AM EST

Student on team #115, MV ROBOTICS, from Monta Vista High School and Hitachi Data Systems - 3com - NASA Ames.

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Posted by 2PK on 12/29/2000 8:33 PM EST:

alliances 4 sure…

im crossing my fingers for big balls…those things are awesome!!

something with an easy to construct playing field and few complicated scoring systems/rules.

I dunno what else.


Posted by Ken Leung at 12/30/2000 4:16 AM EST

Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M. Gunn Senior High School.

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Posted by 2PK on 12/29/2000 8:33 PM EST:

I love the puck back at 1999, and I still like the challenge of pushing it around and getting on it to get more points. Also, as I’ve said before, the puck is easy to build, and easy to bring it around to spread the spirit of FIRST. Also, I would like to see robot hanging in the air again, too.

As for alliances, the good old system of two robot against two robot sounds like a good idea…

As kick-off gets near, I am simply getting ready to travel to east coast for it, and also getting the shop ready as will as learning as much about softwares like Mechanical Desktop or Pro Engineer. I think right now, the best to prepare for kick-off is to relax a little bit and do more preparation for production, instead of more brain-storming because we are going to need those brain cell for generating ideas for the robot. Just like before a big test where you study hard before the test but not the morning right before.