Your thoughts....

Hey everyone out there in robo land. I am doing a research paper and being the true robotics geek I really am I chose to do FIRST robotics. SO what I need is any one to tell me how it influenced them and how it change your life. And I am not talking about build season when your life is not your own. So if any one will give me some feedback I would grately appreciate it. Thanks for reading at least.

There are a ton of threads on this, search around if you want a bunch of stories real quick.

Well at least you won’t have two people handing in papers on Gracious Professionalism for a Characters Counts essay! That was funny. Teresa and I almost went in the same order too! There is a thread called What has the FIRST experience done for you? . Read it. Its not really stories, but a general overview of what FIRST has done to an individual.