Your Top Podcasts

What podcasts do you listen to?
Here’s my list:
Acappella U
Insomnia Radio and their Daily Dose
Mashup of the Week
Senator Obama’s podcast
and finally all my Leo Laporte stuff
This Week in Tech (TWiT)
Security Now!
KFI Tech Guy

So, what graces your mp3 player?

I get x-play’s video podcast,
CNN news updates,
and our school’s podcast (yes, we have one!)
that’s it.

i get videos only i didnt know xplay had one out

NPR Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
WDW: Plugged In
University Channel
Green Room Radio

Just TWiT

FIRSTCast Episode 4
FIRSTCast Episode 3
FIRSTCast Episode 5
FIRSTCast Episode 2
FIRSTCast Promo
FIRSTCast Episode 1

And…The Daily Source Code, maybe once a week

Listen to mine :smiley: (link available on my signature)

OMG, there’s actually an NPR listener on these forums! wOOt!
I don’t get the podcast, but I do listen to it on radio every Saturday at 11 a.m. on 89.1 WEMU Ypsilanti (my dad works there).

The only other podcast I listen to is TWiT, because that is all I could care for. A very good replacement for TSS.

Security Now
techPhile (great)
and more… (haven’t listened to any of them since kickoff :frowning: )

We had Leo Laporte on out podcast, i think ep. 6. We are going to release the live interview with him on the upcomming ep. 22. Leo gets a little weird and attempts to eat pizza wraped in foil and then patrick norton walks in. All good stuff, those guys are really cool.

For people who don’t believe me, go to and go to podcast then find ep. 6.

and here are some pics of me and leo, and me and patrick. :wink:

Here leo gets a little weird:

So say tuned to dotUplink ep. 22 for the release of the leo interview. :smiley:

Haha for me I always conveniently forget to tune in, so the podcast gets it for me automatically, quite a handy thing.


NPR’s Story of the Day

(Alphabetical order)

Inside the Net
Security Now!
The Linux Link Tech Show

TWiT is the only one I listen to.

TWiT, Coverville, Celtic Music News, Jawbone, Security Now!, The Roadhouse, Red Bar Radio, Diggnation, Accident Hash, The Glitchcast (NYC), Rock N Roll Geek Show, Miami Valley Music Cast, The Dorktones, Cleveland Celtic Podcast and of course, my own, Buffalo Live! Music Podcast .

I listen to:

Lonely Planet Travelcast
US Senator Barack Obama Podcast
The Ricky Gervais Show
NPR All Songs Considered
NPR Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!