Youth/Parent Registration is Open!

The Youth Registration tab is live in my FIRST dashboard! It’s been saying “coming in late September” for months.

So - what next? It appears that I can invite students directly to each team. I can also invite parents. In the past, I thought I had to invite parents first.

Have any of you run across a fact sheet about the youth/parent registration process?

George P. Burdell is the first student registered at Walton.

Parent still has to give permission for First to contact youth and sign the release form. Youth doesn’t have to do anything. Presumably under 13s cannot even create their own profile because First doesn’t want to have to deal with internet privacy restrictions for under 13’s

Even though the system is much more simple than it has been in the past, I made a guide. It walks you through returning students, returning parents, new students, and new parents. I made it very quickly so if you see errors, please let me know.

STIMS Guide 2017/18 - The MilkenKnights

Thank you very much!

I hear he’s an excellent student!