YouTube Series for Newer Teams from FRC 4327

Hey CD! We here on FRC 4327, Q Branch Robotics, are looking for some help in finding our audience. Over the summer we produced a 16-episode series aimed at helping rookie, 2nd, and 3rd year teams guide their way through their seasons. You can see the general topics listed below.

We wanted to create videos to help new coaches (new teams or put in as a lead of an existing team), new programs, and new student leaders by providing a one-stop-shop for tips and tricks for getting through an FRC season. Now we need to connect to these people and the good folks at Chief Delphi are the best folks to help, in my opinion.

So here is the introductory video and we would love if you could pass this link along to any rookie, 2nd year, or 3rd year team who you think would find this useful.

We figured after 10 years of asking for help on Chief Delphi, it is finally time for us to give back! :grin:

Introduction to This Is How We Robot
FRC Team 4327 - Q Branch Robotics

LAUNCH DATE FOR EPISODE 01 - October 1, 2021
16 Episodes total - Released about once per week and roughly aligns with where we think teams should be focused at that point in their season.

(1) Team Organization
(2) Recruiting Members and Mentors
(3) Talking to Sponsors
(4) Breaking Down the FRC Challenge
(5) Spending for a Season
(6) Motor Introductions
(7) Team Building
(8) Building Gearboxes
(9) Using CAD in FRC
(10) LabVIEW for FRC Beginners
(11) Pneumatics Introduction
(12) Wiring Your FIRST Robot
(13) Competing at a FRC Event
(14) Drive Team
(15) Scouting Basics
(16) Outreach in Your Community

All thoughts and opinions expressed by FRC Team 4327 are not necessarily the thoughts and opinions of FIRST, FIRST Robotics Competition, or FIRST in Michigan. None of the companies or organizations mentioned in this video are sponsors of FRC 4327.


With today being the first of October, it is time for “This Is How We Robot”!

Our episodes will come out every Friday starting with today and Episode 01 - Team Organization. We hope our rookie through third year friends will find this a helpful resource alongside the remainder of our episodes to come through the season. As always, feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions.


Reminder - Our videos on “This Is How We Robot” arrive every Friday at 8AM. This week we have information on how we approach sponsors, new and returning. If you’re on the hunt right now for funding, maybe you want to learn how we organize our team to seek out financial help in running our K-12 program.

Our leads in this video are a mentor/parent/CEO of a Sponsor alongside our 2021-22 team captain who leads the group of student who go out and present to our fantastic sponsors. Enjoy!


Another week - Another video! This one is all about how we break down new challenges presented each year. How do we go from the game animation and rule book to thinking about robotic solutions? How does this look as a team effort?

Shoutout to the help from 3641 - The Flying Toasters for their seminar on QFD. Also a shoutout to 118 and 125 for posting robot reveal videos which get used here to illustrate the breakdown of scoring a game piece from acquisition to launch.

Be sure to share with newer teams in your area so they can more systematically breakdown challenges into individual components of their robotic solutions. Thanks everyone and enjoy!


Awesome job on the videos, keep them coming


These videos are fantastic. Keep up the good work


Thanks! And thank you for the great photographic library of mechanisms from your team. We use a few of the photos in Episode 06 to show teams common uses of various motors in FRC.

Hoping these videos will help a few newer teams this season organize their thoughts and find success!


Episode 05 of our “This Is How We Robot!” series is now live! Running our team for over a decade, what are the most essential tools and materials to have on hand year after year?

In this episode, we share our experience to help new teams understand where they should focus their financial resources to be sure they have a successful season. Keep in mind that these suggestions are merely our opinions based upon experience and every team is different. None of the vendors mentioned in this video are sponsors of our program and we are purely speaking from our point of view.

Enjoy! Good luck! And please be sure to share with new teams in your area.


Happy Friday! Another video from us this week - Episode 06 - Motor Breakdown.

Here we tackle many of the motors commonly used in FRC and their applications. We want newer teams to have some advice on navigating which motors we feel are most effective in different types of mechanisms or applications. We recognize new motors come up each season and there are more options available than those discussed in our video, but we wanted to help newer teams navigate the options without getting deep into the motor specifics.

So enjoy and please share with rookie or new (2 or 3 year) teams in your area. Big shout out to FRC 3847 for having an outstanding photographic library of machines with different mechanisms!


And today for you we have team building in robotics! Here we discuss not only how or why team building is integral to our program, but also give several concrete examples of team building games which serve different functions. This is our last non-technical video for a while as we know rookies are likely starting to get anxious about what direct information or technical knowledge they need going into the season.

So enjoy, pass along to newer teams, and do some team building before the craziness of build season begins January 8, 2022! We will be back next week with information on building VersaPlanetary Gearboxes.

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Happy Friday! This week we are switching into more technical topics for videos as we know newer teams are trying to prepare for what is coming January 8, 2022.

While there are many different gearboxes on the market, one of the most widely used from our team is the VersaPlanetary Gearbox (VPGB). Almost all mechanisms on our super chassis use one or more in our robotic solutions. Even though there is a manual from VEX which shows how to put this together, we thought a video from a team showing what to expect and how we like to put them together would be worth having.

If you like this video or this series, please be sure to share with your nearby rookie or newer teams. We hope this series is helping at least one new team leader, mentor, or coach in their Rapid React season. Thank you to all who are leaving comments on the videos! This is really cool to see how far reaching a YouTube series can be within FIRST!

VPGB for purchase:

Assembly Guide from VEX:

Load Rating Guide:


Happy Friday! This week we are introducing the concept of incorporating CAD into teams’ season. A note to all rookie and newer teams - CAD is not REQUIRED for the competition, but when utilized wisely, CAN reduce overall design and build times. While we are not directly teaching teams how to operate one CAD software, hopefully our tips and general understanding will help teams make decisions about when and how to use CAD in their season.

Note - This video references AutoDesk Inventor which is now phased out in favor of AutoDesk Fusion and the popular online CAD resource - OnShape.

AutoDesk Fusion - Fusion 360 | 3D CAD, CAM, CAE & PCB Cloud-Based Software | Autodesk
OnShape - Onshape Free Plan | Onshape

Shout out to the teams who generously share their robot designs as well as robot part libraries for the greater FRC community. In this video we reference -
FRC 3476 - Thank you for making your 2018 robot design available to all teams as reference.
FRC 1836, 2791, & 3847 - Thank you for making parts libraries available to all teams for use.


Happy Friday! This week’s video is aimed at helping rookie and newer teams a direct way to get their robot up and running from the programming side. When I first started as a coach, I had no experience programming and thereby little to no way to help guide my students through the process either. This video walks the viewer through how to program their robot in LabVIEW including driving using an XBox controller and a sample motor turning on or off at the push of a button.

Big shout out to FRC358 for their wonderful library of LabVIEW examples of which I have shamelessly utilized year after year when I have no clue how to help my students.

As always - Please be sure to leave a comment on the YouTube video with your team number so we know who is tuning in. This amazes me that teams from across the USA and also the world are tuning in so let me know! I want to root for all of you viewers this season!

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It’s Friday and that means another episode of “This Is How We Robot”! In this episode we walk newer teams through the necessary basics of an optional robot component - pneumatics. Although pneumatics are not required, some teams may find this method of solving a challenge useful for linear applications.

We show the viewer the basic setup of the pneumatic components as well as any tips or tricks for assembling the parts. The great diagram provided by FIRST for plumbing the required components is found here:

As always - be sure to comment with your team name and number so we know who to cheer for this season. Good luck teams!


Happy “Friday”! I will be coordinating the volunteers for the FIRST Tech Challenge Michigan State Championship on Friday morning this week so I thought I would publish our video a little early.

This week we present some basics on wiring your FRC robot. A couple of methods of connecting wires to motor controllers and then some basics on wiring up your actual FRC robot. This is our last technical video of the season, but we will be back in two weeks with videos about successfully getting through FRC events, choosing a drive team, and effective scouting for beginners. Thanks everyone!

As always - please leave your team name and number so we know who is tuning in and what robots to cheer for this season. Enjoy!


Since Kick-Off is coming up and I will be caught up processing whatever Rapid React has in store for us, I am releasing the next three videos now. These videos are all about helping newer teams process through FIRST events in an organized fashion. We walk the viewer through what to expect at FIRST events, how we choose and operate our drive team, and my personal favorite - SCOUTING!

I want to wish good luck to all teams who read this and have already left comments on our videos. Know that we on 4327 are rooting for you and hope our paths cross this season so we can see what incredible machines you developed.

There will be a final video of the set coming out after the season, but as that focuses on outreach, we will save that for April.

Enjoy, have fun, and leave a comment with your team name and number so we know what robots to cheer for this season!


Hi everyone! We hope all of the teams who tuned into our series this year took away something new or left one of the great tips in our comments sections. We wanted to wait until the FRC season was over to release this video about how we do outreach in our community. We hope you enjoy it!

Be sure to follow this thread and subscribe to our YouTube channel as Season 2 will be coming this fall. We are excited to share with you how we approach Autonomous Programming, Hosting Events, and more!


Hey ChiefDelphi! We appreciated reading all of your comments on our team’s YouTube series: This Is How We Robot. And now we are back bringing you Season 2! This series is focused around helping new and newer teams sort through the “need to know” stuff for running a good team. Our videos vary from technical aspects (yes, we have a bumper building video) to non-technical aspects like this first episode helping those BRAND NEW to starting a FIRST team.

Be sure to leave your team name and number so we know which robots to cheer for this season! We hope these videos will help some teams out there and we look forward to competing with and alongside you in Charged Up!


Happy Friday! This week we are talking about the awards available in FRC. This episode guest stars the Judge Advisor for the 2022 Newton Division, Tim Dunaj! We were happy to have him on to help share with new and newer teams what awards are available as well as model both basic and better interviews with teams.

So if you’ve ever wondered what the judges are looking for when speaking with students, be sure to watch this video! As always, be sure to leave your team name and number so we know which robots to cheer for this season! And if YOU have any tips about judge interviews you would like to share with other teams, be sure to leave those in the comments as well. Enjoy!

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Happy Friday! This week we are going a little niche and showcasing how we go about hosting events. Our program hosts a FLL, Explore Exposition, a FLL, Challenge Qualifier, a FTC Qualifier (and state championship for 8 years), and a FRC District Event.

If your program has never hosted an event, why not? What can your program offer to help the FIRST community grow? If you are interested in the behind-the-scenes of hosting, then this video is for you. I hope this gives you some scope about the timing and resources needed to get into hosting FIRST events.