Youtube Video contest

i was just wondering if anyone had heard anymore on the video contest, and also which teams are planning on entering? i’m not sure that the coaches on 296 will care much but i plan to enter something anyway.
any rumors flying around?

ive got a few interviews from this season and plenty of random footage from this year and last, so hopefully that will help me out. i guess its impossible to know until may.

Any more details on this contest? I haven’t heard anything about it yet… its news to me.

All the details are coming out on May 1st on youtube

It was announced during the einstein speeches at championships. The official rules will come out on May 1st.

Basic outline:
All teams are encouraged to put together a video documenting the best way to recruit new teams, and then everyone gets together and votes on the best one. I may be confusing speeches, but I believe the winner(s) get to go to a conference to talk about it or something.

I think it’ll be pretty interesting, especially if the high-fidelity versions are put out publically. YouTube is great, but heavily compressed .flvs don’t look fantastic.

And my understanding is the contest will close at the end of May.

We’ve been producing a television show about our team since January now. The episodes are aired on our local television channel,, and can be downloaded on iTunes as a video podcast.

So far we have 4 episodes (2 from our school’s studio and 2 from regionals). The 5th episode from Atlanta will be released as soon as it is done being edited and rendered. It has interviews with Dean, Woody, and Dave.

Check out MorTorq TV!!!

  • It’s great that all the teams are going to get the word about FIRST out there!

what kind of team would we be if we gave away a video award and didn’t enter a video contest ourselves? Team Fusion’s Video Contest

Adam and I will definitely be doing this video contest. I have to prove that I can actually make videos after winning that team 364 contest.