Z Axis Control

Our team has an arm that is controlled by a NEO brushless motor that spins a cord around to lift the arm up and down. We want to control the movement of the arm with a throttle joystick that moves in the Z axis, and I’m wondering how to recognize only Z axis movement in Labview for this motor to move back and forth. This is a super simple problem, but I’m not too good with labview, and any help with this would be much appreciated

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There’s a USB looking tab on the Driver Station. If you select that, it should show you all possible boolean (in green squares) and axis (sliders) that exist for your plugged in joysticks.

If you look at that view and move the joystick, you’ll see one of those moving. They’re all zero indexed so you can use that to determine which axis is the one you want to reference. Then, it’s just a matter of using that input for the controlling logic you’re using for your arm. (If you don’t understand this part, feel free to ask.)

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