Zebra DART for FRC at SBPLI 1

I know it is late at night, but here is the link to the data collected for the 31 practice matches today. Everyone with the link should have download access. Stop by our booth near the pits if you would like printouts, or to watch the match replays we have. I’m rather fond of Match 11 as I think that was our first full 6 robot match with all robots tagged.



Very cool to see this getting implemented in an in-season event! Looking forward to playing around with the data.

This is the first time I’m exposed to this, it looks very exciting! Is it possible to get an explanation on how to interpret this data?

Sure I can give a quick explanation. In the team folders are csv’s that have x/y coordinates and times (10 per second) the coordinates start with 0,0 being red alliance audience side. The match folder csv shows a synced coordinate set for all robots in the match. We had a few glitches in 4 of the practice matches that I’ll review tonight after the event when I post qual match data for the day. More info can be found by searching CD for “Zebra Dart” or “DataZ” (but some silly engineer came up with that name and we just refer to it as Zebra Dart for FRC)

As an update, all data collected for matches 1-54 have been added both in full match files and individual team files.

For those looking for a quick and dirty way to see the data: Load a team file into Excel for a single match, highlight the first 2 columns and insert a scatter plot graph with a line on it.

I have a few heatmaps on the link now too (9 teams because it is late), I’ll post a full set with all data normalized to red tomorrow. As always, teams looking for more information or specific data at the event can come see us at the Zebra booth.