Zebra MotionWorks Analysis: Week 1

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, the Zebra MotionWorks system has been deployed to several events this season, providing time-series localization data on all tagged robots . Building upon my previous work from the offseason, each week I will be sharing some processed statistics and analysis. Please feel free to ask questions and make feature suggestions; I’ll get to them as fast as I can. Huge thanks to @Matt_Boehm_329 and the Zebra team for implementing the system, TBA for making the data accessible through their API, and @Caleb_Sykes for sharing some infrastructure. Let’s dive in!

In Week 1, three events used the Zebra MotionWorks system: FIT District Greenville Event, PNW District Clackamas Academy Event, and PNW District Glacier Peak Event. Each event logged over 70% of match time into the Zebra MotionWorks system, with Glacier Peaks leading at 91% data recorded. So far 98 teams have been tracked!

Highest Average Velocity:

  1. 2910 - 3.4 ft/s
  2. 3070 - 3.2 ft/s
  3. 7461 - 3.0 ft/s
  4. 6377 - 2.7 ft/s
  5. 4911 - 2.6 ft/s

Highest Average Moving Velocity:

  1. 3070 - 7.1 ft/s
  2. 2910 - 6.9 ft/s
  3. 1294 - 6.2 ft/s
  4. 8248 - 6.0 ft/s
  5. 4683 - 5.7 ft/s

Expect aggregate event statistics and new features involving zoning for next week. I’m also looking into hosting a website for real-time display. I’m open to suggestions for future directions. Thanks for reading!


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