Zebra MotionWorks™ for FRC (Formerly: Zebra Dart for FRC) 2020 Teaser

I know everyone is excited for the 2020 Kickoff at the end of the week. We got a few shipments in today and have more coming in over the next few weeks. There is a full update for the community coming before kickoff on Zebra’s blog.

Another stunning example of why engineers aren’t allowed to name stuff: ™

Teaser Pictures


I’m really excited for what Zebra is doing for FRC. The data we can extract from this system is amazing!

@Caleb_Sykes is working on a 3 part blog series about the data over on the TBA Blog.


I think this question has been asked before, but does anyone know an approximate price for the (formerly) Zebra Dart system? Say, half a dozen tags and two interrogators (or whatever they’re called)?

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So, I’ve seen the Zebra Dart threads before, but I’m a little confused about the context of this thread… Is “Zebra MotionWorks” officially coming to FRC or something? Did I miss an FRCblog post somewhere?


All we know from this post is that there’s something in the works that is cool enough to warrant a teaser. I imagine we’ll find out soon.


More stuff showed up today. Ever order something and you know how big the items are but the box they comes in still shocks you when it shows up? 3 more pallets…

These deliveries may be starting to bother our warehouse crew


I somehow never came to realization that the Android scanners that I program for at work at Bridgestone are made by the same Zebra company that has been doing this stuff. LOL

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Yes. The first time I ordered a rack of iDataPlex servers when I was at IBM, it caught me by surprise.

Then I did it another half dozen times and it became normal.

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I’m mentally prepared for the next delivery now as is the warehouse crew. They will probably ask a few more questions next time I ask to borrow some storage space.


I’ve only heard bits and pieces, but can someone summarize what Motionworks/Dart is really about?

Is it live data to be used by the drive team?
Scouting at the event?
Driving recap after an event?

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Check The blue Alliance (TBA) blog to see Caleb’s latest post about how Zebra Dart data can be used


Awesome thanks

Sure. In short: Zebra Motionworks™ is a real time location solution that is comprised of hardware software, and services. We have taken one of the hardware options, ( UWB Active RFID), and in coordination with community members, paired it with some custom software tailored for FRC. It collects location data for each tracked robot on the field 10x a second.

Caleb has written some great posts on some ways to use the data:
Part 1
Part 2

Strategos has a few good breakdowns as well:
OPR Enhancement

It allows for some post match and design analysis like: This Thread

At several of the events it was at teams took the data and used it to help scouting, pre match strategies, and driver self evaluation. Some teams even used it to detect and diagnose and check repairs for drive-train related issues.

It was also used to enhance live streaming of the events and color commentary as well as being shown up on the audience display to help break down and explain game play and strategies.

Thanks @ferrari77 you got that up faster than I could hah


What does it cost to own one of these systems?

What determines which events run this technology?

There is a committee of people within Zebra Technologies comprised of FIRST mentors, Alumni, and other FIRST volunteers who do the final determination. They solicit input from various community sources including RSN and TBA, among others. If anyone is interested in bringing this to their venue, contact your RD or District planning committee and encourage them to contact either @Matt_Boehm_329 or I. As per Zebra’s official blog post today, we have a number of additional systems that are being made available to FIRST FRC competitions in 2020. While some of them are already committed to a number of different venues, we still have some available. Coordinated announcements with those venues should be made in the coming weeks. More information about Zebra’s support of FIRST may also show up January 4th.


This will allow Zebra to provide competition data on robot movements to over 750 teams in 2020

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Cardboard boxes probably aren't the best solution for frequent shipping


Gee, what could possibly be happening that day that could be related?