Zebra MotionWorks for FRC Week 1

We want to thank those working with us to help make this available to more teams. The support we have received through this wider in-season availability has been fantastic. I want to specifically call out a few people who have been super helpful and responsive at the events. Steve, Joe, and James from PNW, Adrienne from Texas, and Casey from NC, thank you! Your efforts help us make this better and more user friendly for everyone going forward. I have to also say I have a newfound appreciation for the writers of the FIRST manuals.

With 1 event down and 3 more in progress I want to give a brief status update for those in the community while Iā€™m stuck in a car for the next 11 hours on the way home from the Miami Valley Regional.

We worked through some jitters and released a few patches throughout Thursday and Friday and we learned there are some more details required (regarding initial 1 time setup) in our provided documentation. A few setting adjustments later and we were on our way. Data was hitting TBA seconds after the end of a match. We have some data that hasnt made it to TBA yet but we are working to fill in those gaps and that will get squared away before week 2 events start. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have cause for the teams hoping to have this available right away and we expect to have this root resolved for week 2 events.


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