ZEBRA Parser for Excel/Tableau

This python script allows you to save the JSON data ZEBRA MotionWorks outputs given by The Blue Alliance into an easily readable excel based format (CSV) for use in both in Excel and Tableau. ZEBRA MotionWorks tracking will be at over 20 events this year, so being able to make use of this data will be huge, especially if you are at an event with this technology available. With Tableau, you can easily use this data to track any movement on the field and take your scouting to the next level with little required work.

Example data from Chezy Champs is included to mess with in both Excel and Tableau. Ill have a tutorial soon for the Tableau sheets if there is enough interest, but they are included if you’re interested in trying to reverse engineer them.

Special thanks to @tjf, @icecube45, and hiyacynth#2841 for helping me out with this.

This name is slightly misleading, im open for other names as im not great with them.