Zebra’s Dart for FRC at Bloomfield Girls Robotics Competition Update

We are excited to continue with our pilots of Zebra’s Dart for FRC this weekend at the Bloomfield Girls Robotics Competition!

Our goals for the event are to validate the new manual written for the systems operation and to see that it can be successfully set up and operated with a small group of volunteers. This is a vital part of the systems development. As much as we would love to attend every event that utilizes Zebra’s equipment, my Shop Cats are getting upset with all the time I spend away. Having more people in the community capable of running the system is a key component in making it more widely available. Simplified setup, clear instructions, and automated data collection / distribution are key.

We have started work to replicate the successful automation the system we had last month at Chezy Champs with Chezy Arena. While it doesn’t look like we have fully nailed down the communications required to do this with the official FIRST off-season FMS for this event, we will be continuing our efforts throughout the off season. This automation is what removes the need for a someone to monitor the system during matches and simplifies data collection and match parsing to: Turn it on in the morning and turn it off at the end of the day.

We fixed the playback in the latest version of the viewer. Download the Release.zip and unzip it to somewhere in a folder on your computer. Instructions are at the link as well. Yes, I know, we are working of figuring out that whole publish thing our intern had down. It was so much nicer.

You can find the latest viewer version here

Data for the event will be posted here