Zebracorns Looking to Adopt an Andymark Engineer

What Andymark Products are used on your robot?

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  • am-3461a
  • am-3376

Please tell us why our team needs an AndyMark engineer with you at an event this season?
Though Zebracorns have honed impeccably the skill of perpetually presenting a light-hearted and joyous facade, the process of designing and attempting to construct robots can be quite stressful. Andymark engineers, on the other hand, are widely known to be an always amicable and cheerful bunch. The Zebracorns need some emotional support. Invaluable to the team would be the social and emotional boost that even the mere presence of an Andymark engineer could provide.

All decisions made on the Zebracorns are fantastic. We know from past experience that nobody understands this better than the engineers at Andymark. Unfortunately, we ourselves sometimes fall into the trap of considering possible ramifications of our decisions rather than simply following through with them. An Andymark engineer would be able to help affirm our decisions of unquestionable brilliancy such as adding more Falcon 500s, and connecting them using a few gears taken from our GEM gear assortment kit.

The use of swerve drive on our robot provides approximately 6.28*10^57 possibilities for movement. With this high maneuverability, comparable to that of a child aged 4 years old, it becomes difficult to remember which way is forward. The Zebracorns are confident that an Andymark engineer would be able to help us keep track of which side of the robot is the front.

What do you want your team to learn from our engineers the most at your event?
As you are surely well aware, the Zebracorns this season are in pursuit of a more harmonious robot (https://www.chiefdelphi.com/t/the-zebracorns-are-seeking-a-more-harmonious-robot-in-2020/). We hope that, using their aforementioned social-emotional prowess, Andymark engineers would be able to help us discover the ways of the ethernet cable. The RJ-45 connector is somehow able to secure a seamless pathway to the robot’s innermost thoughts and operation. They just… click. We too would like to learn this skill, in service of strengthening the human-robot relationship.

Additionally, one certain Zebracorn is in need of assistance. Critical to using Andymark parts on our robot is placing the order for said parts. One Marshall Massengill is still, despite 14 years of attempts, very much a beginner in this area. Perhaps with some professional instruction he may eventually be able to learn how to operate using Purchase Orders. Please. He needs help. We need him to have help.

If the engineers wish to teach us about engineering related matters, that would be cool too.

Lastly, “engineers”, plural, implies the presence of more than one engineer. By the end of the event, we would like to learn which one is Andy and which one is Mark.

Please provide an outline of your plans for the remainder of build season regardless of whether your team is selected for this program.
For the remainder of the season, the Zebracorns intend to build the robot. After that, the acquisition of more green lights, and the application of googley eyes to the robot will be extremely high priorities. We will also need to find and replace the zip ties on the robot with rivets.

Do you like food? The Zebracorns are currently in the process of recruiting a lunch mentor. Empirical evidence suggests that student robot building ability increases with the introduction of food to the student environment. To this end, we are seeking a dedicated food eater, who has consumed no fewer than 7669 lunches. We believe that 21 years of rigorous lunch eating experience is necessary to properly facilitate endeavors to feed students. If an Andymark engineer is interested in this position, do not hesitate to reach out. The Zebracorns would be delighted to have lunch with Andy… or Mark. The lunch mentor position also offers the opportunity to enjoy additional Zebracakes beyond the promised lifetime supply of 2 cakes*.

* Disclaimer: as the student experience is our 3rd priority on the Zebracorns, please be advised that mentor consumption of Zebracakes will occur only after student enjoyment of said cakes.

Dated and clear pictures of robot and sub-systems


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