Zebra's Dart for FRC at Chezy Champs Update

We will be running Zebra’s Dart system at Chezy Champs this year as mentioned in this thread: Chezy Champs 2019 (Post 97)

We have some updates to our viewer application to fix some of the bugs and we will upload that after we get to California. For those interested in previously collected data (IRI, SBPLI 1,2) you can check out the previous thread: Here

After we land and get settled I’ll post a link to CC’s data folder and the newest viewer application. Data should be uploading on a per match basis now as opposed to 5 match batches.


Data Location will be located here : CC2019

Newest Viewer: Here

Some Notes:

We are trying the data location as an auto updating drive so that’s something we will keep an eye on, let us know if there are issues getting to it

The newest viewer is in the Release.zip folder. Our intern who know how to do that publishing thing he did for the old version is back at school. If you unzip the release folder and drop it onto your desktop it should run form there as long as you have a recent version of the .net framework installed.

Edit: looks like there is a bug on match play backs using the new viewer (Release.zip) heatmaps are unaffected though. We will look into it tonight. The old viewer from July still works for playbacks

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Looking good so far as teams get their tags on. Practice matches are getting posted and our integration with the FMS looks like it’s working well. Data collection is automated now and data is ready online about 5 seconds after the match ends for those playing along at home.

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We had to change the drive location for the data, link coming in an edit during the lunch break.

The Data location link is now : Here

RSN is super excited to get the chance to work with Zebra’s great tech again! We love showing off heat maps of the robots, you can expect us to use it more as the event continues and we get deeper into the matches.


Thanks again to @NickE and the rest of the Chezy Champs crew for letting us bring this tech to their event! Congrats also to RSN on their award.

All the data is available online (@Tom_Boehm_329’s link above)
Here are some clarifications on how Playoff matches are numbered

QF1.1 = 82
QF1.2 = 83
QF2.1 = 85
QF2.2 = 86
QF3.1 = 88
QF3.2 = 89
QF4.1 = 91
QF4.2 = 92
QF4.3 = 93
SF1.1 = 94
SF1.2 = 95
SF2.1 = 97
SF2.2 = 98
F1.1 = 100
F1.2 = 101

Overall the fully automated integration with Chezy Arena went as well as we had hoped. We have a few cosmetic things to fix but data recording now starts from the FMS, and stops automatically on match end. Data then is automatically pushed to the google drive locations. for everyone to use. The next big leap would be integration with FIRST’s FMS for the Bloomfield Girls Robotics Competition on October 12th and beyond.

If you enjoy the data and would like to see more going forward please let us know

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Any chance this gets implemented in '20? Seems really useful :hushed:

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Any idea as to how much it would cost to set up this type of system as an individual team? (and/or if it would ever be for sale?) I could see it being very useful to analyze cycle efficiency as one practices.

FWIW, I’d love to see this at every event (or at least more events), it’d be super cool and I’d imagine we’d see more and more teams use it as part of their scouting and strategy.


if allowed, teams may want to start to implement some kind of self tracking so they could get the data… if not officially supported by FMS

This is awesome, thanks for sharing. Is there a particular plotting program you guys recommend or do we have to make our own :stuck_out_tongue: ?

There are still a few factors for that. We (Tom and I) are looking at ways to make more systems available for the 2020 season. We don’t how many will be available but when we do we will certainly let the community know.

Thanks! RSN was using the applications linked above, the “new” one has a a noted bug so is best for replicating heat maps like RSN showed in the live feed. The older one has the bugs found at IRI but is better for match playbacks. We are getting in touch with our intern to sort that all out and we will post an update on that.

I just tried the Replay Match and it worked really well! I cannot get the Heatmap to work, when I click on Select Team Data, it shows my C:\ drive and nothing else. What is the trick to find the Heatmap data?

If there are team data files downloaded it will search for then on the drive the program is located in and show only what it finds. It should allow you to click on the arrow next to the drive to expand until it gets to them

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