Zebra's Dart for FRC at IRI Update

We will be running Zebra’s Dart system at IRI this year as mentioned in this thread: 2019 IRI Update Charity Rules ZEBRAs Scholarships and More!

In addition to our work with RSN, we are sharing our demo data viewer application and the data collected for teams to view and use during the competition. The current DEMO* version is a WPF application running on .net. You can access the zip with the installation on our google drive as well as some previous data to get familiar with the application here.

Data for IRI will be posted in the folder “IRI 2019 Data”
There is also a “How To” going over some of the basic functionality

*This is a demo program written by our intern to help display some of the uses for the data collected. It is heavily based on the application we showed live at SBPLI 1+2 and now you can run it on your own computer (and hopefully save us some ink on printouts). If you have any questions, if you find any bugs, or think of features that might be cool to add please feel free to ask or find us at the event.


And for folks who maybe want to poke at the data without downloading an application

https://schreiaj.github.io/dataz-viz/ will accept team data dropped onto the webpage and then allow you to replay it.


Below are some sample images taken from the application for those who haven’t seen what it can do and would like to before they download it:

Home Page: Select between Match playback and Heatmap mode
Match Playback: View point in time locations, speeds, directions, and distance from start for all 6 robots in a match
Heatmap: How long was a team in a location

Home Page

Match Playback

Heatmap: How long was a team in a location

Additional features include:

*Match History (Spaghetti Models)
*Multi Match, Normalized Heatmaps (to summarize a teams multi match actions)
*Multi Team Heatmaps with quick toggle (to help see where one teams play locations overlap with another)


This is cool. Will everyone have access to all team data or just their own?

As with the prior 4 events at which we have beta tested this, all data collected will be made available to all teams at the competition and anyone else who is interested. The raw data collected is the x,y locations for all robots at 0.1 second intervals during each match. We just collect it a little faster than someone watching a match video over and over and over… RSN will be getting the data first right after each match, then we will be posting the data on a 3-5 match delay throughout each competition day.

I still think this technology is really cool, and I’m glad there are now some more detailed viewing tools available for it now. Being able to see exactly where each robot spends its time should be very helpful for defensive scouting.

I look forward to the day where the tags are required for all robots and webcasts get an automatic overlay so spectators can tell which robot is which :slight_smile:

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That mumbling year hear is me talking about how it’s a bear to do that on youtube streams because their API doesn’t give easy access to frame data… If anyone has a clever solution to that I’m all ears.

Awesome—any chance you could provide the x/y locations of the rockets, cargo ship bays, loading stations, etc?

We don’t have those locations saved anywhere, we are projecting onto a scaled field image. X and Y are in feet so those measurements could always get grabbed from the field drawings

We still have a small intermediate step but we have been looking into it. I can post a link later

Ok got it—then do we know where the origin will be? Also the orientation of the grid relative to the field walls.

Asking to evaluate cycle time calculation opportunities

Yes sorry, I think it might be in some of the other posts but 0,0 is audience side red (opposite of scoring table) X is Red to Blue, Y is Audience to Scoring

0,0 location

Ok cool, thanks!

I saw this program runs for a few years, and got really impressed by the amazing things you can do with this kind of data.

There are any plans to expand the number of events for the next year? Maybe to implement it in Championships?

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Could it be done on the stream’s side as an overlay, or is the hardware to do that not physically at the event?

It could absolutely, I was trying to minimize installation.

Is this project open-source? It looks very interesting!

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This is really great. We saw in SBPLI how usefull this tool can be. Congrats Matt and Tom!

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Hi Everyone, We have data for matches 1-5 up at the original link. We are having a slight delay uploading the individual team data for heatmaps. I’ll update this post as information becomes available.

Edit: All team data and match data for 1-8 has been uploaded

Edit 2: Data through 10 is posted, Team Data will be updated every 5 matches. Match data will be available as scores are posted

Edit 3:

Check out https://www.twitch.tv/firstinspires1 some of it has shown up as an overlay for their replays

Edit 4: Everything through Match 20 is up

Edit 5: Known issue with PlaybackMatch22. We will reprocess it and upload after evaluation. Next Team Data release after Match 25


Leader Board for Max Velocity and Distance traveled will be added later today at the Original Post’s linked location Sub folder “IRI 2019 Data > Leader Board”

Edit 1: All Data up to Lunch (Match 29) is now available.

Edit 2:

Leader board as of lunch:

Velocity (ft/s)				Distance (ft)	
2468	17.6				330	 665.2				
6443	15.7				548	 653.3				
868	    15.2				2910 643.1				
1241	15				    2468 630.2				
2910	14.7				33	 625.8

Edit 3: All Team and Match data is up through Match 35

Edit 4: Team Data through Match 40 is available, Match Replay Data through 42 available.

-Issue with Y axis inversion discovered in match playback for downloadable application.

Edit 5: All Data up to Match 45 available

-Investigating Demo application match playback where it it appears to start 2-5s into the match

Our intent is to release the demo code to the community through Git. We would be very excited to see what additions and suggestions everyone has

Also as an update: All Match Data through 52, and Team data through 50 is now available

Edit 1: All Data through 55 is available

Edit 2: All Data through Match 60 is now available

Edit 3: All Data through Match 65 is now available

Also, We are not intending to track Mentor Matches since the field is running behind

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