Zebravision 7.0

Recently, we released our ROS whitepaper and continued work toward our goal of a fully autonomous robot. We hope you’ve had time to digest that whitepaper because we’re back with another one about computer vision! This year, we focused on making our robot more environment-aware by developing more robust sensing and inference systems.

Highlights include:

  • 2020 vision

  • Are green lights and retroreflective tape dead?

  • Neural net all the things

  • Introducing the dramatic pause Zebra Positioning System™

  • Our vision for the future of, well, vision!

  • Data for everyone!*

Thank you to our wonderful mentors and students who were instrumental to our progress this year. And, as always, thank you to the NCSSM Foundation, NVIDIA, Analog Devices International, Stereolabs, AWS: Robomaker, Overleaf, and our other wonderful sponsors who make our work possible.

You can find our code from this year in our 2020RobotCode repository, our dataset in our tensorflow_workspace repository, and the link to the paper here.

*No, really! We’re actually making public our dataset that we used to train our object detection model this season, which consists of images with approximately 15,000 labeled objects. By doing this, we hope to foster a culture of open data in the FRC community, enabling all teams to innovate, develop, and use machine learning technologies.

NCSSM Ryden AI Program - North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics – The Ryden Program for Innovation and Leadership in Artificial Intelligence
The Ryden Program’s goal is to educate the leaders of the future about AI so that they understand this powerful technology’s merits and the ethical considerations it raises.


This is way too cool. So happy this is finally out and available.


I wonder if something like this would be feasible running Tensorflow Lite on a K210.


No clue but all of our data is available so hopefully someone can try it!

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Excellent work.

In support of the project I am offering my modest collection of Roxanne parody lyrics

  • the refs all say we’re too bright
  • though our Q A case is airtight
  • seems unsafe in hindsight
  • no need to buy a limelight
  • give your code a rewrite
  • (you don’t have to) hunt for the green light

Grab the apple and take a bite,
Because Zebravision 7.0 is just right.
So, c’mon out into the Ai flight.

Zero hour 9 AM, and I’m gonna be hiiiiiiigh, as a kite by theeen…

when is SLAM coming to NC? :thinking:

Soon ™.

I know a guy…

Also, reading about your Falcon Orchestra ROS shenanigans, why are a lot of your demos Star Wars songs? Are you secretly revealing your favorite Durham team?

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We definitely love you all more than prequel memes but it has much more to do with the theme and the requests we got.

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