Zed Camera compatibility

My team is looking into using the Zed camera and OpenCV for vision processing. We are having trouble finding out if the camera works with Java. Would any of you know if the camera is compatible with Java?


I don’t see anything about it after a cursory search. I assume you’ve seen this:

Note that the Zed camera looks illegal to me based on R11

There is a previous post about it and if you contact their sales dept, they will give a discount that make it below $400.

There is a few team looking at it… i think they are using the Jetson TX1 with it.

We have, but that is all in C++. As a Java team, we would like to be able to program it in Java.

Sorry to turn this into a #5940 discussion board, but it looks like the SDK is C++ only. It might be possible to wrap it but that’s pretty annoying. Also, it should be relatively easy to roll your own solution.