Zelda Twilight Princess: Who's finished, and reaction?

Just thought I would ask, for I have to do a Video Game Review on it for the school newspaper, and some general comments would be fantastic.

As far as I am concerned, I finished the game last night after getting it when it came out for the Gamecube. Probably the best game of the series yet. :cool:

Got it for the Wii but havne’t finished it yet ($@#$@#$@#$@# class!) but I’m close (2nd to last dungeon boss battle), and I have to say, much more interesting in the story department, what really freaked me out was the cut scene after you collect the golden bugs to get Lake Hyla back to normal. REALLY REALLY WERID.

Amazing game, A+.

I played a bit of it at a friends house, it’s pretty fun, but the thing that stands out most in my mind is the sumo wrestling, definitely one of the funniest and most random elements of a Zelda game in my memory.


YES AMAZING GAME! For those who are Zelda fans, most agree, I think, that OoT was the best one out there. At first, I didn’t think this game could beat it. I was wrong. Right now I’m on the Heaven Temple and so far the game play has been beau-ti-ful! The graphics are better and the items are much better. Some of my new favorites:Double clawshot, hawkeye, spinner and water bombs. The only downside I give is the fact that you don’t have an ocarina however you can warp and you do have the horse call eventually.

Great game! I’ve had the opportunity to play it on a Wii, and using the Wiimote to control your weapon is great! The graphics are good, but could have been much better.

Overall great game. :smiley:

Gameplay: Amazing
Story: Amazing
New Items: Amazing
Graphics: Amazing (by Zelda standards)
Overall: Amazing.

I’m pretty sure that sums the game up nicely.

Really good. Not utter perfection (like some people where expecting) but a very well thought out and fun action adventure title. But, if anything, it proves that “previous generation” gameplay holds up nicely in this current one.

It’s better than I ever expected…

(the Wii version, that is =D )

Infact, I just entered the Castle in the Sky, so I’m looking forward to what I can pwn in that dungeon ;D

This game is amazing, i’ve so far beaten everything but the final area, Hyrule Castle. I’m so excited to beat the game, but my Wii is scractching my discs (which is apperantly a relatively common problem) and the only discs it scratches are the ones in there when you move it, so i have to remember to take TLOZ:TP out before i move my wii ^^; out of all the games i have for the Wii:

TLOZ: Twilight Princess
Red Steel
Trauma Center: Second Opinion

Twilight Princess is the only one i leave in the Wii when i move it around, and its the only one that’s gotten scratched. =( unfortunately, it always happens at a climax. The first time it happened i had literally JUST pulled the master sword out, and i hadn’t even swung it around yet and i tried to warp to castle town out of the sacred grove and i got the disc scratch error. after that, i could start the game and pick my file, but it couldn’t load the maps ;_;

i went to gamestop and got my game switched, and i thought everything would be great after that.
suprise suprise, my disk just got scratched again. This time, it gave me the failed disk error right before i entered hyrule castle to beat the game, after two hours of collecting heart containers and money to get the magic armor. ;_; i refuse to look at a strategy guide, and i’m one heart away from a full set ^^

ugh… discs ;_;

yay! got a new disc today and beat the game ^^ anyone have any questions i’d love to offer help