Zip file not building

I’m kinda bad at programming so I was trying to get some practice over the “break”. When I downloaded our project from GitHub and extracted it, I couldn’t build the code, it said that gradlew isn’t a valid command. Can anyone help me with this?

Sure, I’d love to help! First of all, we just need some more information.

What does your GitHub project look like? Can you provide a link?

When you built it, what did you try to build it through? Visual Studio Code, the command line (whether that’s in visual studio code or standalone), or another IDE like IntelliJ IDEA?

If you used the command line, did you use the command gradlew or ./gradlew?

I tried to build it through Visual Studio Code, the line was:
./gradlew build

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Are you on a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine?

If you’re on Windows, are you using Bash (does your command prompt start with $, or CMD (starts with >)?

Edit: I was able to successfully download the ZIP and build it on my machine, so the issue is with your environment. We can walk through resolving that.

Windows, cmd

Try using gradlew build without the ./ at the beginning for CMD.

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Thank You!

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No problem! Did the project build succesfully?

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