ZomB Dashboard System 0.7 coming soon

ZomB 0.7 is coming soon (hopefully just before Kickoff), but while you wait, you can play with 0.7 alpha 5.
This has many new features since v0.6 such as:
[ul][li]Visual ZomB - an editor to graphically design dashboards without Visual Studio (required before)[LIST]
[/li][li]VS like drag and drop easy design surface with snap lines
[/li][li]One click deploy to dashboard location (loads on driver station launch)
[li]WPF versions of all controls (therefore, please make sure you have the .net framework 3.5)
[/li][li]Compressed Video saving (previously uncompressed avi’s, HUGE!)
[/li][li]TCP support (both ways! instant debug for non-LabVIEW users!)
[/li][li]NSIS Installer
[/li][li]Force feedback via xShake control
[/li][li]and a bunch of bugs fixed[/LIST]
[/li]Also, this alpha comes with a quick getting started guide, a demo dashboard, and an updatedComplete Guide to ZomB.
Download the installer, or go the the FIRST Forge page.

Note, TCP support is only if you use C++, Java needs testing. Scale and Skew transforms will be coming soon. I’m also working on a nice video showing it all off.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, bugs, or comments, please let me know.

The latest build has new LabVIEW bindings and a Driver station control that can enable the robot (joysticks coming soon)
Note that you need to ftp the ZomB.out file in the bindings folder to the /ni-rt/system folder and add it to the startup dll list (just like NetConsole and Black Jaguars) An installer is coming soon though…