Zombie Survival button game at World Championships

MOE’s Zombie Survival button game has been popular in the MAR district, so we are bringing it to worlds! Here are the instructions if you want to play!https://www.instagram.com/p/BSABrE1Dbgi/?taken-by=themiracleworkerz

This is a game of zombies versus survivors.

Everyone starts off with a button survivor-side-up until there are enough players, and then we release one zombie.

When a zombie and a survivor meet, they must “battle” represented by playing Rock Paper Scissors. If the zombie wins, the survivor is infected and turns their button around zombie-side-up. If the survivor wins, they managed to fight off the zombie and continue to survive.
Those who survive until the end will receive an "I survived World Championships” button.

There is a third player, called a Zombie Medic, who can neither survive or die, they only represent an experimental cure for the virus.

Once everyone seems to be a zombie, we release the Zombie Medics, who will be judges at World Championships. A zombie wishes to stay a zombie and the medic wishes to turn them back, so when a medic approaches a zombie they must play Rock Paper Scissors. If the medic wins, the experimental cure worked and the zombie is turned into a survivor. If the zombie wins, they stay a zombie. No zombie can play against a medic more than once during a zombie cycle, however they may find another medic to try to turn them back.