Zoom Question in Max

I mostly like working with a single large viewport, using the shortcut keys (L, T, F or U) to switch to the left, top, front or user views.

Sometimes when I switch views the mesh appears close up (a good thing). Other times it is far away and I have to zoom extents to get it close enough to work on it.

What determines the zoom level when you switch views?

Just a guess but porbably what you left it at last time. If you use the zoom extent, not zoom extend all, change the box from grey to white and i think if you select something in the animation it will zoom on it.

It’s not zooming to the last point I left a view. It zooms way out.

I have been clicking the Zoom Extents icon to get back to where I was, but it gets a little tedious having to do that every time I change the view.

When you are working with a model in different views, I would suggest to have the model selected, or have a vertex, polygon, edge, etc… selected when switching views. If it seems far and you still have the object selected, press ‘Z’ to zoom in. When you said you had to use Zoom Extends All, I assume you are using the mouse to zoom in. Z is a shortcut :slight_smile: It also helps to work with a three button mouse, the middle being the scroll button. I don’t think there’s a setting that you can change to adjust the zoom level.