Brute Force...

Well for the first time in quite a while I was reading the forum today, and I was quite suprised to see this quote from Joe J in the 45 degree rule thread…

"For my part, I think there was already too much of a tilt toward brute force and pushing in particular. This tilts the scales even farther. "

Yep, there is gonna be a heck of alot of pushing and shoving and all this year…but isn’t this what we all wanted? I’m just curious to hear what everyones take is on this very physical game.

Also I see my buddy Andy Baker was throwing out previous years rule changes and how they continuously throw things through a loop year after year…now don’t get me wrong, if anyone knows how much one of those rules can really hurt, it is I (i.e. 97 tipping rule, go back and look at videos from the 1997 New England Regional Semifinals and you will know what im talking about). However I have to disagree with everyones disgust in FIRST changing the rules so late after everyone has done work. From my understanding this kinda thing happens alot in industry, its part of life, its part of the game.

Oh, and if your worried that this is gonna become a game of just simple pushing and shoving…remember there is a strategy for everything.

I for one am looking forward to the competions this year, I think they are gonna be alot of fun to watch, and some of that brute force is gonna make things very interesting.

Good Luck All,
Andy Grady =)

Trudat! Well said. However, I think that most people are taking the new so-called ‘BattleBot Rules’ too seriously. I have a feeling that people will be pleasantly suprised, when they play the game, at its strategy. I dislike the idea of low interaction with the competition, because then it becomes essentially a time trial, a race. My suggestion to those big critics of the new game: don’t whine until you play the game.