Digital Sidecar Relay Issue

We are having difficulty getting a Spike relay to work. The relay is plugged into Relay 7 on the Digital Sidecar. I have the sample Labview “Relay Example” code loaded on the cRio. Through the User Interface (again, from the standard LabView RelayExample project), I have Slot 4, Relay 7 and “Both directions” chosen as the DIO module, Relay Channel and Relay Direction. Our wiring matches these settings. Again, through the User Interface, I’m sending the “Forward” Relay Value. Unfortunately, the Spike Relay stays amber and none of the LEDs on the digital sidecar relay light up (either green or red).

Has anyone experienced a similar issue?

Thank you!

did you connect the power wires to the sidecar?

Yes, everything else plugged into the DS is working fine.

We have three photo resistors, a few Jaguars and a few servos. All of these work fine.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

Have you found the solution to your problem? It seems we have the same issue and we’re trying to solve it.

We replaced both the DS and the PWM cable connecting the DS to the relay. All is well now.

I hope you have the same luck!