FIRST Spoken Word Poetry (for chairman's)

We approached our Chairman’s video this year a bit differently than in the past––we did a spoken word poem! Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

Here’s the video:

Fantastic video – reminiscent of RUSH’s video from 2014. Very nicely done!

Nice job Team 2052 KnightKrawler on this Chairman’s video!

Hey! Nice job Knightkrawler! This looks great! Good luck this year, it’s too bad we won’t be seeing each other in Duluth, but hey, let’s hope we meet at State and Championships. Hope you do well!

Excellent job, 2052! Good luck at LSR and 10,000 Lakes!

Pretty cool. Interesting idea, however, that means that your presentation will have to really pop to be different than just the talking and explaining that is already in your video. Good luck guys!

Thanks Daria, I appreciate the kind words :slight_smile: Although to my knowledge the judges don’t even watch the video until after they’ve chosen a winner based on the executive summaries, essay, and presentation––and then they only view it to make sure it is appropriate to display. That’s just what I’ve heard, though, in general, the importance of the chairman’s video (regarding its role in being chosen for the award) is more or less ambiguous within FIRST.

I would say a job well done. Really catches the viewers attention. Though by doing the same thing for three minutes, I noticed myself getting distracted at some point but the final summary was really strong again and hooked me back in.
Unlike most other video’s you use the power of your voices really well, emphesizing the important aspects of your video which is something a lot of people can learn from you guys.

The only thing I am missing is photo’s and video’s showing your efforts (all though I don’t know what the collage’s in your essay are like). This would increase the impact of the video even more in my eyes.

Regarding the impact of the video. From what I have heard the video’s of the top 3 teams are being watched but I don’t know if it is only to see wether it is to inspect if they are up to standards or if it actually has a serious impact in the disicion making. Though if they indeed watch the video’s of the final thee before diciding then I do beleave it will have some inpact.

All in all really great job! And good luck @ your competition(s)