Game Piece Image Repository


Another season, another neural network that needs training. To do that we need a lot of pictures of cargo and hatch covers. We are asking teams to post here pictures of your game pieces in various orientations, lighting, etc.

Have some damaged game pieces? Post them.
Resting on or next to other field elements? Post them.
Fresh out of the box? Post them.

We want as much variation as possible, so try taking the pictures at different times of day if you have windows, in different rooms with different lighting, on different carpets/floors, and anything else you can think of. Bonus points if the pictures are taken from the point of view of a robot (~2’ off the ground), but not necessary.

We’ll be posting our pictures here soon so others can use them as well. Thanks to everyone in advance.

[Unfortunately, the GDC got their act together so I can’t make as many innuendos as Marshall]


Have you gone through the “kickoff field photos” FIRST posted from both NASA and WPI? There are quite a number of photos of game pieces in those folders.

WARNING: clicking links may automatically download large files!


WPILib also has a collection of photos, although they are mostly of the vision targets under different lighting.


Our team is training a neural network this year as well, it would be great if people post their game piece photos here, the more training data the better. I’ll make sure to post any photos our team takes for training here.


Thought I’d bring this back to the top. We’re still trying to train our Neural Network and can use as many images as possible. If anyone wants to help out, it’d be greatly appreciated