Going between windows 7 and windows 10 Com Difficulties

We have always used a windows 7 computer to do all of our driving with our robot, and now we have a few windows 10 machines because of some necessary upgrades, and I can connect to the radio, but I cant get comms with the rio. I usually have to re-image the rio when I go between the 2 different machines. Even then, when I have windows 10, I’ve always had some problems maintaining comms, a problem I haven’t ever had with windows 7. Is there something that I can do to solve this or is this just a general rio problem?

Is it possible that you have different versions of the WPILib/Driver Station software loaded on the two PCs (one is 2019 and one is 2020)? This would explain why re-imaging the RoboRIO would fix your problem for that PC and make it not work for the other PC. Make sure you have the 2020 software loaded on both PCs.

Is the Windows 10 machine running ant antivirus?
Have you tried disabling the Windows 10 firewall and Defender?
They may just have incorrect settings to permit proper communication with the roboRIO.
Disabling them is an easy test.
If they do turn out to be the culprits, then you can look at giving the roboRIO appropriate exemptions to the firewall, et. al.

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