HTD Timing Belts Strength

How much load “VEX HTD Timing belts” can take
I guess the value change if you use a narrow belt (9mm) or wide belt (15mm)
We wish to build a motion system that needs to take 90 ft-lbs
to reduce back drive we use WormBox by Andymark but it can take only up to 70 ft-lbs
so to reduce torque on WormBox output we planned to use a set of two pulleys in different sizes and a timing belt.
we didn’t find any information on how much load the belts can take.

BTW is VEX Timing Belts are actually WestCoastProducts Timing Belts?

Currently, we focusing on timing belts because we have stocks of them
Chains and Gears are our second option

Thank You

West Coast is a redistributor for VEX, so those are the same belts and pulleys. As far as recommended loading for each type and whether or not it will work for your application is very setup dependent, here is a link to a document that I like to use that lists lots of info of tooth geometry, loading and optimal setup for both chain/sprocket and belt/pulley systems. If you want a better answer with regards to your specific use case we will need some more detail on your application, but this doc is a great place to get started on figuring it out yourself.

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Thank you very much it’s very helpful
We found graph describing just what we needed as attached below

Note that Vex Belts are 5mm HTD type and endure up to about ~34Nm (depends on speed)