New User Questions

I am relatively new to CD and have a couple questions:

  1. How do you create/edit your signature? There is a mention of this in the FAQ, which tells you to see the “Edit Profile” page, but I cannot find anything there.
  2. How do you create a new thread? (I know I am doing that, I just think it should be further explained)

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

To edit your signature, you need to click on “user cp” at the top of the screen. To create a thread, you should click on “forums” on the portal page, navigate to the sub forum your thread belongs in, and then create it. I hope this helps, and welcome to Chief Delphi!

See “user cp” on title bar
then Edit Signature at the top of the left side menu.

I don’t have a “Edit Signature” button. :frowning: :confused:

It might be missing as part of the “thwart spammers” initiatives.
You might not have that option as a new user, but will gain it after enough time has passed or you’ve made enough posts.

Here’s what the menu looks like for full users.
See what else is missing for you.

Thank you!! Yes, I am missing that. I thought it was a problem with my computer or I just wasn’t seeing it.