pic: Iron Kings FRC5402 - Slapshot Mk. II (2017)

After a district points disaster at Tippecanoe, Iron Kings got busy rectifying the key flaws on their 2017 machine. Key changes:

  • The gear holder actually works now! Flop-out wings, PG27 on a linkage to kick them out onto the peg. The stud at the bottom of the holder clocks the gear for our best chance to get an easy spear, and the slot is extra-wide at the lift height for more fudge factor.
  • Shooter has been taken from 3 balls wide to 2 balls wide, to give the lift plenty of intrusion room. We also moved the wheels to get a consistent hit on the ball instead of the wheel-two gears for weight-wheel setup we ran at Tippecanoe.
  • Shooter back panel was changed from plywood to a frankly ridiculous amount of aluminum. If the bomb drops, there will be cockroaches, Twinkies, and this thing left. But we had the weight and we wanted the stiffness.
  • Infinitely better grasp of programming and our sensors (thanks, Alan!). We expect to have a center line gear going pretty early on, and perhaps more if/when we start feeling frisky. Additional cameras have been added to ensure we trigger the gear deployment (and hopefully the shooter–we’ll finish our unbag time tomorrow night) at the right time.
  • Our reliable climber, intake, and elevator systems are basically unchanged as of press time. We have a couple visions on how to speed up the climber, but we want to ensure higher-priority projects get knocked out of the park.

We know Perry Meridian is do-or-die for our state championship hopes, and we’re going to come at it with everything we’ve got. See you Thursday!


These changes look great. Looking forward to competing alongside this machine this coming weekend. Good luck!


The possibility of Perry breaking every high score just keeps getting better and better :yikes: Any idea how many kpa it can score in a match? The robot looks increadible, guys! Good luck at Perry!

I take absolutely zero credit for about 95% of these changes. The back panel fabrication was led by our operator’s father, who happens to build race cars and happened to be in the building the last day of Tippecanoe while we were licking our wounds. Most of the team spent a big part of the playoffs sitting in our pit with the old back panel and a Sharpie plotting out what we needed to do. The first parts started arriving the very next afternoon and we’ve spent a lot of time test-fitting them to our practice robot.

Good question! :slight_smile: We haven’t done more than 10 minutes or so of testing on the shooter, so there’s going to be some tweaking ahead. But we were the ones to christen the Indiana boilers at Tippecanoe (perks of being Q1), and we fully expect this to break up some would-be ties this weekend too.

Looks good! We’ve made some slight modifications as well. Can’t wait to compete!

Looking forward to seeing that one too! It was a lot of fun hanging out with y’all (for two hours… #JustWeek1Things #NotBlamingTheIndianaCrew) before Q1 at Tippecanoe, and even better playing with you. :slight_smile: