Pneumatics on Inventor

All right…I have been trying to put pneumatic tubing on our CAD for a robot that VirginiaFIRST asked us to create outsude of FRC. In the main assembly, I was able to create a “route” under the “Create Pipe Run” icon. The only thing that appeared is the like path without the tubing. I’ve tried to use a sweep on 2 circles and tried to use the route as the 2nd sketch. The computer can’t find any materials either. Is there anything I am doing wrong or do you know how to fix this?

I have found it is best to do a harness inserted of a pipe run. You would instead of choosing wire size you choose the default and then go on each wire and change it to render in model and the size to the same size pneumatic tubing.

I did the hose like the one below in the way i described.

That’s Great! Only one issue… I will be the first person on my team to try and put tubing, or like you said, harnesses, on the robot’s CAD. So…what do I do to make that harness

Drakan290 made an excellent how-to guide for making wires. Its the same idea but insted of using a special wire size you choose the default size then when you get to this step

"Exactly what we want; except the segment we created is still blue… To fix that, we right click on the segment, and go to Harness Properties.

Go to the tab that says Display. Uncheck the “From Loom” option. There should be a drop down menu, and you should select Red from here."

On the occurrence tab of the menu instead of choosing size based on wire you un check that box and then put in the size of the pneumatic tubing and then on the next tab “display” you choose what ever color you want the tubing to be.

Thank you so much. I got it now and the CAD is almost complete. Thanks again!