Programming LimeLight with Labview

Our team is trying to figure out how to program Lime Light using LabView! Don’t know where to start so any help is appreciated!!

The limelight documentation has example code. You will be need to set up the pipeline with the limelight directly. Once you have configured the limelight through its software, it will publish usable values to the network table. You can then use those values to control your robot.

The example code provided by limelight is very helpful.

I looked at it but there is nowhere to connect a button so that we can click it and activate limelight.

from my understanding, you don’t really have a preset button that you connect and click to activate the limelight. first, you need to make sure your limelight has the most updated firmware and set up any of the pathways that you may want to use (a pathway is a premade setting for the limelight). after that you can “activate” the limelight by setting it to a pathway. here are links that may help-

If you look at this page there is a complete lab view robot program which has a button activated limelight tracking function:

You’ll have to modify the program to match your robot or just use the ideas from the code.

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