Solidworks Help

So I’m trying to modify a KHK bevel gear CAD for use in a swerve drive I’m working on.

I am trying to remove the area labeled with green.

I originally thought I could just cut extrude it, but whenever I do that nothing happens to the piece. Does anyone know how to work with this part? Any help is appreciated.


Two things:

First, you see how there’s a Part icon with a green arrow on the feature tree? That means that SW has created a reference to an existing STEP file. To make any changes, you have to right click on the part in the feature tree, then break the reference.

Second, the part seems to have both a surface and solid body. Typically that makes it harder to work with. Once you’ve broken the reference, go to Evalutate --> Import Diagnostics and click Attempt to Heal All. This will (hopefully) fix some of the broken geometry.

Best of luck to you.


That worked. Thank you so much!

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