Switch Control Auton Legality

We are wondering about the legality of using toggle switches to control an autonomous code selection prior to the game. We want to use 2 different dip switches to give out 4 values (off off, off on, on off, on on). This will be read at the start of the game to toggle which autonomous routine we would like. Is this legal? Is there a better way to accomplish the same goal? Thank you.

I’ve never seen any rules which would make this illegal. (I’ve helped build robots with similar switches.)

I presume you mean to put these on the robot, connected to RIO DIO pins?

The other common way to set up autos is through the dashboard, entering it at the driver station side before the match begins.

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That’s what we were planning on doing. Thank you


Our team is still trying to figure out how to use the dashboard for this… first year with java

We did this back in 2017 with little jumper pins plugged into the DIO on the roboRIO and it worked pretty well-each auto was a specific combination of pins. I suggest using dashboard if you are able to figure it out.


We had good success with 1 or 2 potentiometers plugged into the analog inputs on the roborio. giving 6 or 36 options. We also had an arduino connected via i2c Roborio with an lcd screen showing what had been selected. it really improved robustness and the drive team and technician getting all the placement and desired program correct. we had 1 pot defining robot starting position and 1 pot selecting programs. We were planning on a 3d printed case to include labels but never got round to it.

The code is available on our github from latest branch of powerup . This autonomous got us to worlds (with a few other factors) https://github.com/NicoletFEAR/PowerUp-2019

Yes legal.

Yes good idea. Simple and robust. Very intuitive if you have people who react better to mechanical things than software things.