[YMTC]: Pinning

This conundrum occurred to me today while I was taking the SAT. I was hoping for you all’s thoughts on it.

During a match, RedTeamBot pins BlueTeamBot in such a way as to trigger the referee countdown. The force dislodges one of RedTeamBot’s bumpers, and RedTeamBot gets disabled by the referees before being able to back away from BlueTeamBot. BlueTeamBot, seeing an opportunity, remains where they are, hoping for a steady stream of penalty points from RedTeamBot’s pin.

YMTC: Should the blue alliance receive the penalty points?

DISCLAIMER: This thread is purely to discuss the legality of this by the 2014 rules. This scenario may or may not apply to the 2015 season. This thread was also not intended for the GP implications of this scenario.

  1. Shouldn’t you have been focusing on the SAT? :wink:
  2. As I understand it, and from what I’ve seen called, there will be penalty points awarded, however I believe it is only for 1 pin. I saw this called during the season when a robot breaker tripped and they were pinning at team and the pinned robot stayed there to receive the points. I can’t imagine this situation can be very different.

I’m going to go with one pin as well, for 50 points (against RedaBot).

HOWEVER, there may also be a G14 against BlueaBot, forcing opponent to violate a rule, good for 50 points. Depending on the situation, though, that could be not really a good call (e.g., if RedaBot is up on BlueaBot somehow such that if BlueaBot goes to drive away, BlueaBot would tip RedaBot).

The possibility of a yellow card for egregious behavior also exists against either team, but it’s very remote.

So… One pin against red for sure, strong possibility of one G14 against blue barring “extenuating circumstances”. Red comes out the worse, but there’s a fair chance of offsetting penalties.